Sunday, November 11, 2007


Hey everyone, the last post really received a lot of feedback. Just want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who took time to read it. Much l-o-v-e!!!!
Whoever formulated the theory ‘opposites attract’ based on human relationships definitely knew what he/she was talking about because that happens to be the case with my dearly beloved parents.
My parents are complete opposites. My mom epitomizes ‘impatience’ while my dad is criticized for being ‘too patient’. My mom finds every reason to shout; my dad on the other hand, is a peaceful soul. My mother believes in the power of the cane to adjust unacceptable behavior and enforce discipline while my dad believes in the power of words to do the same. Complete opposites I tell you!

As a kid, I used to get the most spanking from my mom. I launched every new cane she bought so much so that the cane and I soon developed a special bond and thus, lost its hold on me, so my mom will be forced to buy a new one. Although, I must admit, I was a hard-headed and terribly naughty child and I rightly deserved the spanking (except for one time my elder sister read a letter and we all got spanked for her misdemeanor).

As any naive kid will think with no understanding of parenthood, I thought my mom absolutely despised me, but, as I grew up I realized she did so because she loved me and wanted a change for the better. God bless her soul!

Is my way of spanking those I love and desire a change for the best. I decided to use words rather than an actual cane (as if I could do that) because ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ at least that what was I was told by my PaPa while seated under the palm tree, beside the firewood in the sacred midst of the nights bold creatures as he told me African folktales about the tortoise and the lion…lol…In other words, those who will be victims of the wrath of my pen, I mean no harm. I am neither the girl whose boyfriend you stole or the girl you refused to lend your precious skinny jeans, I am just a poor, innocent and puppy-eyed fashion freak showing you love the only way I possibly can. Enjoy!

This here is my type of woman. One who isn’t afraid to experiment with colours. She looks fab and the colours just seem to complement each other. Neon Brights are one of the top ten trends of the season and she is definitely working it! The skinny jeans are on point, the right length, and colour, as the black makes the colours more evident. She makes use of understated accessories. The black bag strikes a balance as there is a lot of colour going on. Her shoes are just right… I absolutely love the detailing on them. You go girl! Keep the fab flag flying

In the words of Jay-Z ‘what more can I say?’ Where do I begin…take a deep breath…steady now…spit…First, what is up with the cheetah thing going on. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of prints, but why bring the fury friend along. And those beads, haba! Sorry to say, but they look so hocus-pocus something that could definitely get me be-witched! And as for the shoes…the style and shape is ridiculous…two words ‘hawt mess’. My advice, read this blog often and in no time I will be singing your praises.

I really do love giving out compliments…my friends will tell you that I am the sweetest…but… I have to say that I am completely and utterly appalled with this outfit and may I ask, what planet are u from? I do not get the point of the see through socks, I actually have a soft spot for the shoes, they are unique, that I love…but then again…the outfit together is all wrong but there are single great pieces in it. My advice, combining is what differentiates a wanna-be fashionista from a true one!

I am in loving this dress and the lady in it…it some hot shit!!!... The detailing helps to define her waist line and gives her the ultimate vavavoom! It is perfect for her body as she is beautiful and curvaceous! She makes me want to be her in that dress. If I must say kudos to the friend showing of her slim body in that fitted satin print blouse…lovely… Super fab all the way and the colour…MUAH!! Hugs and kisses is all I have to give.

Wow! i am overwhelmed!...I'm speechless, that is how she makes me feel...the boots are completely inappropriate for the Nigerian weather.The hair do is just too alien invasion like... The frustrating thing is she is really cute and has a nice slim petite figure which could work with anything. She has turned the hands of the fashion clock centuries ago. My advice, It is 2007 embrace the year and the fashion!

Are you kidding me? Someone needs to teach this lil mama how to strike a pose! Chest out, stomach in, million dollar smile…as easy as the alphabets a-b-c! The red is just too much, too much for me to handle if not for you! Another glance can definitely cause a loss of sight. Why all the layering at the top half? However, I am feeling the jeans and the whole button thing going on. The jeans scream rock chic, the top screams ‘gypsy girl’…I am getting a lot of mixed signals…and they are not good ones. My advice, make up your mind!

I get a kick out of this lady! She is glowing from top to bottom and she knows it too! She walks in through the gates knowing all eyes will be fixated on her! she really got me looking and admiring the spirit of all things fashionable on her. This lady knows how to walk the walk and look strictly fab at the same time...multitasking! i like! i like very much!

You should be wearing your dress and not your dress wearing you. Here is a small and petite lady pulling off this voluminous and regal outfit! She looks so elegant in this piece with the right jewelry, her flashy necklace is complimented with studs.The bold organic prints are on trend.This is true sophistication to the very core! watch and learn! J'adore!!!!

This lady looks gorgeous! Her hair, make-up, accessories, all just falls into place. She seems to have gotten this whole fashionista thing on the lock-down. It gives me great joy to see Nigerian women representing just as I am saddened when Naija women fail to bring it on! But this lady got me all smiley…She wears the leopard print just right and adds glow with the shimmering silver metallic blazer...all I can say is... thank you for looking so hellishly fab.

Is there some style manual i failed to read? because i am lost here with this whole boot fad up and about!....dressing your age is very important.I don't get it when i see a fifty something year old lady is wearing a see through blouse neither do i get why this lady or should i say 'girl' is dressed like this..If you are twelve and you are attending you class party then be sure to be labelled the 'best dressed' but if you do not fall under that category...hmmnn..wahala dey o! My advice, grow up, your face tells it all!

I decided to give awards for the lady most in need of Professional make-up and the lady most in need of a fashionfreak makeover!!

I don't think there is a need for a drum roll or anything of that nature....i think we all know who the winner is for each category...right???

For the record, I acknowledge that Nigerians are very stylish people and are representing fashion wise.It was difficult finding people who committed fashion blunders and i hope it will be harder the next time i decide to post something similar, as that will only insinuate that Naija women have stepped up their game!

If you need fashion advice of any sort, contact me at i will me more than happy to lend a helping hand. and remember my dears to always keep your fashion freak on!

Yours' stylishly,


Friday, November 2, 2007


Hey! Everyone, I am so excited about this particular post, maybe it’s because it relates to each and everyone. I don’t know about you, but I love to go out, meet new and exciting people, preferably people who are completely different from me…Yes! I go by variety being the spice of life, so I like to mix it up a little bit. One thing I find really exhausting at times, is finding what to wear to a particular occasion. It drives me nuts…even if your closet is filled up with stuff, I still don’t know anyone who just opens their closet and goes ‘this is what I am wearing, its perfect’ just like that…come on!( Serena Williams I need you here!)....It is the laid down principle that you must try out different outfits, make a complete mess of your room, ask for the opinions of your girls, be in a state of confusion, be on the verge of breaking down maybe even contemplate suicide, NA!…I think I am going a bit overboard here…lol…anyway… you know what I am getting at, finding what to wear is not as easy as we hope it can be.

So, I am here to make it bearable. Thank you. Thank you. You are far too kind! By giving you all tips on what to wear to various occasions. Enjoy!

The date:
Whenever a bloke asks me out on a date, I immediately start thinking of what to wear in my head, even before I say ‘yes’. Some might call me ‘weird’ true! , but to be honest what to wear on a date can be really tricky, so the earlier you start thinking, the better for you! I once asked my dearly beloved elder sister for advice on an outfit to wear on a date with one hottie like this, and all I can recall her saying is ‘try not to look desperate, however, look attractive by showing off your assets moderately. So you just have to try to strike a balance between looking sexy and being a bit conservative’. She really did get me thinking, anyway, I did find that balance and I choose to spread the WORD! The appropriate look for a date is what I call ‘understated sexy’. The look is really easy to adopt, so I will just give you a few pointers and tell you how best you can work this look:

1) ‘understated sexy’ are the key words here, so mellow down on the cleavage, show a little bit of skin while leaving the rest in a nicely fitted bra to be left to his imagination.
2) A moderately plunging back can do you a great deal, but the low back should be complemented with a conservative front. Halter necks are good!
3) Feel free to show off your shoulders if they are gorgeous, so tube dresses are a definite Yes! Yes! Yes!

One of my favourite picks for a date is the wrap dress. It is very appropriate for women with curves. The wonder with wrap dresses for women with curves is its ability to define the waist-line. To finish off the look, pair it with lovely high-heeled sandals and a clutch bag and ‘baby, he will be sending you a dozen roses the next day’ trust me! Been there, done that!

Also, you can never go wrong with the fitted satin knee-length dress. It is the ultimate killer! It is‘understated sexy’ all the way!

The Wedding:
I adore weddings, first and foremost, love is in the air and you are completely enveloped in its splendour, then, you have the well catered food, the good wine, the live band playing ‘sweet’ Yoruba music and of course, my reason for attendance, that is if I am not a relation or bridesmaid, the single guys! I can’t wait for Christmas; let the good times… Anyway, I say never wear white if you are a wedding guest, it is for the bride and the bride alone. After all, the song says ‘there comes the bride, all dressed in a white’. She is identified through the colour white, or do you want to be mistaken for the bride? It is her day and her special colour!!!....don’t be the one to take that away from her!
Weddings are such a beautiful celebration, for this reason, I advice people to go for the ‘elegant’ look as it is well paired with beauty. Your dress should be about; clean-cut lines, perfect fit and sophistication to the core! This obviously equates the noun ‘elegance’, the baby-doll dress (which looks great when made with most of our fabrics), ‘the clean cut, well fit’ suit in dazzling demure colours, the knee length form-fitted dress, and the ‘free soft flowing’ chiffon either as a knee length or full length dress. These will look hellishly fab and make the wedding bells ring louder!

Two of my all time favourite fabric picks for weddings are the French lace and the floral prints, However I do advice people to go for the small prints rather than the bold ones as it tends to lean more towards the elegant look. The French lace combined with bridal satin is suitable for any dress style, you name it!

The Nightclub:
A Nightclub should be crowded, stuffy and dark so your whole look should be targeted at you standing-out from the crowd. You should go for sequins, metallic, and sparkle. It should be all about the shine. One can wear a two toned, multi-coloured or monochrome sequined mini dress. I say, be adventurous! Push the envelope! Rock the boat! It’s worth it! Apart from what I have mentioned, these picks are also appropriate for the nightclub:

1) High-waist shorts: They are Funky, fresh and sexy at the same time. It is perfect. Forget the shorts, yes! It is an amazing trend, but this is better, for the night scene that is! Pair it up with a sequined, metallic or embellished vest and you are good to go!

2) The red dress: The red dress never fails to grab attention in a crowded space. It puts the M in ‘Magic’, the H in ‘HaWT’ it is hellishly sexy!

3) The bubble dress: I love me some bubbles, so I hope you will love the bubble dress. I like it because it has a different flair to it, it is somewhat unique in its own way, and it always looks tres gorgeous.

The Graduation:
Graduations are inevitable. It is either your sibling’s , your friend’s; one way or the other, we sometimes find ourselves terribly bored and asking ‘Is that dude done giving the speech? …lol…An occasion like a graduation calls for the ‘formal’ look. Most people tend to regard the ‘formal’ look as a fashion synonym to the ‘official’ look. There is indeed a marginal difference; ‘formal’ is a little less ‘stuck-up’ and a little more ‘dressy’ in comparison to the ‘official’ look. For a graduation, I will advise you to adopt any of these two looks:

1) The ‘independent woman’: I decided to give the looks names to make them more interesting to read. The ‘independent woman’ is sexy, confident and sophisticated, thus, your outfit to a graduation should play on these three words. High- waist pants or a high-waist pencil skirt paired with a vintage style top or a Victorian blouse portrays the ‘independent woman’ look to the core.

1) The ‘Wilhelmina Slater’: If you watch Ugly Betty, then this look will be yours after you watch a few episodes. This look focuses on colours white, yellow, gold and brown. Wearing white on white, brown on brown. It’s all about monochrome with Wilhelmina Slater. This look fits right to the graduation atmosphere.

Other picks for a graduation ceremony are shown below:

The Picnic: With Picnic’s it is always a brand new day, and the sun is always shinning bright so it calls for a sundress, shades and wedges( they are best suited to walk on grass). You can go bold or small with your prints; you can go mini or maxi with your sun-dresses, it all depends on you.

The Everyday: You owe it to yourself to be comfortable and stylish every minute of the day. The everyday look should be about looking ‘casual chic’, being a fashionista but in a subtle manner, one which epitomises the phrase ‘un-tailored glamour’. This look is about jeans and a tee-shirt, tank tops, flat shoes, the big bag, shorts. What ever makes you feel comfortable, sexy and stylish all at the same time, 24/7!

The Beach: We have the perfect weather to go to the beach everyday if we want to. Nigerians haven’t really patronised the bikini, I don’t blame anyone because most of our beaches are filled with area boys and we don’t want their wahala! Do we? So I am here to offer you substitutes to wearing a bikini. A tankini top paired with Shorts are great for the beach; get them in linen and the better for u! Because linen dries easily in case you get wet while chasing the waves. If you still insist on wearing a bikini or feel a little bit uncomfortable wearing a one piece swim suit to the beach, you can always wear a chiffon or linen tunic on top. Beaches are also about the flip-flops and the sunglasses.

The Award: It is ‘lights, camera, Action!’ with award ceremonies, so YOU have to glam YOU up from top to bottom! I love award fashion; I am usually completely intoxicated by all the shine around me. It’s about everything with award shows, the shoes, the bag, the hair and make-up, the fashion underneath the garments, the jewellery and the star wearing all this stuff! The floor length gowns, the knee-length dresses the haute couture. It is every thing with awards. Here are some amazing dresses you can wear for an award ceremony.

Also, here are some of our own naija celebrities looking fab! thanks to for the pics.

The office: For the office you go ‘official’ and ‘corporate’. The suit, the stylish blazer, the pencil and A-lined skirts, the boot-cut trousers. The corporate industry allows for fashion rigidity so it is best you pull the fashionable look through the use of accessories. Now that there are phones designed for fashionistas like WE, why not splurge a little and buy one. You have the Prada phone designed by LG, the Dolce& Gabanna by Motorola, the Armani phone by Samsung, the Nokia 7500 and 7900 phones to spice up your world! Also, you can still keep it fashionista with a watch or the bag; there is something about Hermes hand bags (I think it is its structure) that seems well suited for the corporate world!

The cock-tail party: This is so easy; I won’t have to write much, my fingers are singing the jingle bells. It is the only occasion a dress was made for; cock- tail parties equal cock-tail dresses. They come in different shapes and sizes as you can see in the pictures below, just find the one which best complements your figure and you are good to go!

Finding the appropraiate and fashionable outfit to wear to occasions can be difficult, but i hope i have solved most of your problems. If you require fashion tips of any sort, contact me on my email addy:

Have a fabulous weekend filled with fashion, style and glamour all the way.... goodluck to Arsenal FC and remeber to always keep your fashion freak on!

Yours' Stylishly,