Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Hey, it has been a while, didn't think it was going to take this long to post this particular article.This week was just crazy for me, it seemed as if all the forces of nature and technology where totally against me. Everything i touched seemed to turn to stone! seriously? seriously!
I was so down on luck, and was ready to give up, but i dunno why this sometimes happens, when you are ready to pack up your bags and get going, you hear a song and suddenly you just get all determined all over again! well...it happened to me, i was at the end of the tunnel, then Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell's 'Ain't no mountain high enough' came on...and the rest they say is history!
I promised to lay emphasis on the top ten trends of this season.These trends where everywhere on the catwalks in New York, Paris,Milan and London during fashion week.They will take your fashion to the next level if properly adopted.And am here to make sure you get it right, when you step out in style!

Dresses - Every style imaginable from ultra short, mini, knee and maxi.

It is mostly about prints with maxi dresses, floral prints to be exact, that is why i love this trend so much because, the Ankara material can be used to design one!I often patronise our home-breed Nigerian tailors, as they are the un-sung hero’s that make Nigerians the fashionable people that we are! So in this blog I will encourage my readers to make use of their services. One can hardly find a maxi dress at our local markets and most affordable stores. So I employ my readers to ‘do it yourself’ as it is as easy as getting the style cut out from a mag or the Internet, buying the right material , in this case floral prints or Ankara,to suit the design and chattering a good tailor, which should be pretty easy as Nigeria is saturated with talent!

Futurist :Space Odyssey 60s retro futurist, fantasy armour, satins, patent, plastic, rubber and leather (not advisable for the Nigerian Climate)

Futuristic trends include heavy metal looks, storm trooper, chain mail, but the look fails to translate well to the high-street, however great for designer shows. The high street can't copy this retro futurism look easily - yet! The current alternative is to opt for plastic,or adopt silver and metallic looks. The more instant practical solution might be the golden leggings or retro-styled corsets.

Metallic - Sweet wrapper looks, gold, silver, shimmer, shine, gleam, lustre and sparkle.

Romantic Looks - Soft layers, floral looks, softer colours, bows, delicacy and lace.

Folkloric Styling - Folksy traditional and paisley border prints and peasant necklines. I can totally image this dress in adire material.

Slouch Looks - Easy jersey dressing, Brit boy (Hip length jackets and tuxedo jackets define this look) and soft casual over sizing.

Luxury Sport - Sophisticated sporty looks in luxury glamorous fabrics.

Bold Prints - Monochrome patterns in over sized abstract and organic imagery

Neon Brights - Dazzling Colour and clashing colour mixes

80's Body Conscious - Cling, fit and glamour

Colour Trend: Sky blue, electric blue, gold, yellow, sweet vapper metallic colours are some of the most important colours this season. So I guess we better start stocking our closets with clothes these colours to take our ‘fashion forward’ this season.

Gold, metallic, sequins are all hot trends people should rock to occasions this season. They where everywhere on the red carpet during the Emmy's and the VMA’S.

The Shoe trend: Colourful footwear is making its comeback -- but don't hold your breath waiting for candy-coloured shoes. This season, it's all about deep, rich shades like dark red, forest green, royal blue, fuchsia, and golden yellow. As far as neutrals go, greys are hot, as are chocolaty browns.
In evening shoes the hottest hues are black, red, purple and dark or natural metallics -- i.e. gold, silver, bronze and pewter.

I decided to post a game and a particular article, one of my colleges wrote. I just had to post the article, even though it has nothing to do with fashion, i found it interesting as it mirrored some aspects of our lives....and as for the game, it is fun..so try it out, plus very informative!


When shopping, you will rather
a) Save
b) Splurge
c) Get a bargain

You shop
a) Occasionally( when the money is available)
b) Frequently( every given opportunity)
c) Irregularly( now and then, when you feel like)

Which of these statements are you most likely to say?
a) ‘ I rarely buy designer labels, as far as it is stylish, I will buy’
b) ‘ I prefer designer labels, I buy them mostly’
c) ‘ I buy designers when I can afford them, don’t when I can’t’

You always tend to buy:
a) Fashion trends with a long life span
b) The latest trends ASAP
c) Trends that relate to your personal style

When buying a fashionable item, you take into consideration
a) The price
b) If it is on trend
c) If it is comfortable

When shopping for shoes, you go for:
a) The essential colours
b) A wide variety of colours
c) Colours that match clothes in your closet

What best describes how you accessorise?
a) A watch, that is about it
b) Whatever is hot in handbags and shoes
c) Pretty earrings with a matching necklace

If you could raid a celebrity’s closet, it would have to be:
a) Genevieve Nnaji
b) Nkiru Anumudu
c) Ifeoma Williams

Maria Odunsi
a) Who? O!!!
b) I totally adore her designs, and how she plays with patterns.
c) Her… yes! She is cool….

If someone peeked in your underwear drawer, they will find\/
a) Lots of sexy matching bra and panties
b) Expensive designer pants and lingerie
c) A mix and match, some designers, most not.

If you answers are mostly A's:

You are the Queen of Cheap, The fashion economist. You love to look good, but won’t do so at the expense of an empty bank account or days without three square meals. You believe that you don’t need to have a closet full of designers to be a fashionista, rather having knowledge of what is in, and finding it at an affordable rate is what concerns you. You are fully aware of the ever changing fashion market and are not ready to succumb to buying the latest fads, you rather spend your money on trends that will last you a few years rather than months. Bravo!!!!!

If your answers are mostly B's:
You love fashion and live to shop. Keeping up with the latest trends is what
You love best. You know what’s in, out, about to be in, and about to be out. You read fashion magazines, search the web for the latest trends, and you shop till you drop. You may not be the richest, but you ensure you wear designers, even if it means you have to save for months and cut down on expenses. You are a fashion diary in your own right; you know everything there is to know about the world of fashion.

If your answers are mostly C's:
You love fashion to a certain extent and love to shop but you do not make it a priority. Designer labels don't interest you as such, you are more concerned if a particular item plays well to emphasize your personal style, be it a designer label or not. Unlike 'cut-throat' fashionistas who stand by the logo' no pain , no gain', and are ready to sacrifice comfort for a pair of jimmy-choo shoes , you are more concerned about your comfort, which you will never give up to wear the latest trends in clothes and accessories.


Sometimes it’s good to let it all out. All ones frustration, worries, insecurities, anguish, hatred and passion. Sometimes it is advisable to act on our present emotions, ruling out all forms of restriction, boundaries and considerations. After all, we all have our little secrets we want to share with the world but we are frightened to say ‘shoop shoop’ because of the aftermath of the levity of our words, because of the enemies we may gather, because of people’s reactions to our decisions. So patiently and silently we all wait for the day when our most sincere thoughts will be heard loud and clear, when we can all exhale.
Our society implores individuals to take on responsibilities we aren’t prepared for. The unfortunate thing, is that we are aware but we completely block out the reality of our incompetence and live by the uncertainty that we can take on this challenge, though unprepared, successfully. But who can blame us, I certainly don’t want to be the one to tell my sister that I can’t afford to keep her children in my home, neither can I tell my brother that I no longer can afford to pay his child’s fees as it is weighing me down financially although, I happen to be the wealthiest amongst my siblings. So what else can I say except ‘yes’
We inhale so much that we find it hard to breathe but we endure, the pain, the suffering and the inconvenience because we are afraid to let anyone down, we try so hard to preserve our good and most precious images in the eyes of those we consider dear to us. We still want to be seen as the solid foundation but we fail to realise that we lose strength each time a brick is added, each time we ignore what’s in front of us and act on pride, each time we think we can manage, each time we say ‘yes’ when we are fully aware of our disabilities.
We are to be held responsible for this uncontrollable drive to assist although sometimes we ‘get by with a little help from our friends’ however, we allow this urge to dominate our lives totally, gently suffocating us and our bank accounts in ways we thought impossible. Your once before perfectly adequate salary suddenly becomes unexplainably too minute to cater to you and your numerous unnecessary baggages which, by the way, are expensive to hold on to.
One day you feel like letting it all out but unfortunately, it seems that you and your uncomfortable generosity have reached a point of no return, you are choking, unable to grasp your breath, unable to hear your heart beat, you feel your temperature rise, you feel your brain heat up, you want to explode, you want to scream, you want to say ‘no’ but do you?. At the end of the day, we find ourselves tired, drained and our situations unbearable but we can’t seem to figure out a way to escape from the mess we helped construct, without loosing friends or family, which in most cases is impossible. So we keep on praying that in a miraculous way they will be off our backs and if that fails to happen, we wait for that day when our cups will be overflowing, when we will lose control of our minds and bodies and when the lion inside us decides to roar, we all wait to exhale.

That is all folks. Hope you enjoyed the two articles and the game.Next up, 'The dress, The occassion'.Will give you a few pointers on what to wear on a date, a wedding, you name it!....it is going to be very interesting. And remember to always keep your freak on......

Yours' stylishly,


Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I can't tell you how excited I am about starting up this blog. Wow!! I am so thrilled; It's ringing in my head like school bells. My very first words, I hope i use the right words, I am kind of nervous to be sincere, don’t want to make a mess of my introductory note to the people of blogville.
The idea for this particular post, or should I say my very first article on this blog actually came to my head like a flashing light bulb on a deeply uneventful day( I know, I such a sucker for similes)
I happen to be the third child in a family of four. My younger sister and I are practically the same size and as you would expect we capitalized on our ‘fortune’ by sharing each others clothes. As youngsters, we always had a shopping budget set by our parents and of course it was never enough , so we always had to make a ‘basic’ list of the things we were going to get and left the ‘wish lists’ for birthdays , while ensuring we didn’t by the same item.
Going ‘back to basics’ is a similar list like the one my younger sister and I used to make, it is all about buying the essentials for sustenance and survival in the ever changing fashion market. So I am going to put you all through what you need to get to stay ever fashionable in Nigeria while taking our climate into consideration. Enjoy!

sunglasses: The sun shines forever in this country and we need to protect ourselves from its ‘evil’ so I say sunglasses are definitely a ‘must have’. I absolutely love them because they are tres fashionable and they can give one a fierce or playful look depending on the one you get. I love fashion accessories that say a lot about ones personality, and I think sunglasses kind of have that magic! One will certainly look ‘haWt’ provided it is the right fit for your head shape. No one says its compulsory to get the designer ones you know!, I go around this Lagos a lot and sunglasses are everywhere, as It’s the fashion remedy to Sun shine and its effects on our precious eyeballs…we all need to get them either by hook or crook…so you go ahead and stop that street hawker selling them while in traffic and get them if you plan to survive in naija!

The versatile shoes: The special kind of a pair of shoes one can have are the versatile types or as my mom will call them ‘ knock-about shoes’ razz I know, but there is a certain kind of truth to the name because you can wear them everywhere and anywhere. As it is not easy to walk on the streets of Lagos with the okadas and co you can’t afford not to have versatile shoes. They are comfortable, in other words, no heels and can be fashionable. The ultimate versatile shoes are sandals and ballet flats. They are everywhere, in our local markets and boutiques so it’s affordable to everyone who wants to be a survivor. They can be worn with anything; you name them, perfect for the streets of Lagos and the sole of your feet!

The suit: Every Nigerian woman has to have a suit. First and foremost, it is two items in one; see it as a blazer and a skirt or a pair of trousers. The suit can be worn to different occasions. If you don’t work in an office where it is compulsory to always suit up, then you have to own at least a suit. It can be formal and sexy that is why I advise it for people. It will always come in handy. A form-fitted suit will forever be gorgeous because it will enhance your figure at the right spots.

The ‘freak-um’ dress: Every naija woman just has to own a ‘freak-um’ dress to survive. We all have a man in our lives, or want one, right? And you know we have to freak them sometimes with some show stopping outfits. The ‘freak-um’ dress is one which accentuates ones figure while giving you the ‘WOW’ factor when you step out in style like a true fashionista that you are. It can take any form or style; it can be a mini dress, the LBD (little black dress), a shift dress and the list goes on. Personally, I think ‘freak-um’ dresses are best in mettalics, sequins or the 80’s body conscious- cling, fit and glamour. Babes will be looking hellishly sexy in these.

The Big Bag: The big bag never disappoints. It is designer’s closest creation to a machine if I must add. It is the ultimate multi-tasker as it can occupy everything and anything and makes you look gorgeous at the same time! Come to think of it; a big bag can actually contain every item in my ‘back to basic’ list! Damn! It offers you the best of both worlds. I don’t know what I’ll do without it. It’s absolutely incredible; it is just what you need to survive. It always comes in handy and does a good job in complementing your outfit. It is the icing on a well decorated cake!

The Plain Pair of Jeans: Gone are those days when my heart was young and gay…lol…was going back in the days of uniforms and assembles…anyway, plain pair of jeans are the ‘it’ right now. Its beauty is in its plain design. Having a pair is like having three pairs because they can be easily repeated a number of times without you being self conscious that your haters will recognise them and spread the gist (yes! Some people never grow up!).One has to know how to play it 007 when buying these jeans, Here are some tips:

1) Avoid embellishments- They tend to make your jeans stand out and the whole idea of getting plain jeans is going undercover.

2) Avoid big labels- This doesn’t need an explanation, it’s the same with embellishments.

3) Go extra safe with the colour- I suggest you stick to light or dark blue jeans. Go for the typical colours when getting plain jeans. It’s way too difficult to repeat the same white pair of jeans if you know what i mean!

4) Don’t go for the jeans trends at that point in time- Now that high waist jeans are in, you can’t afford to buy a plain pair of high-waist jeans and think no one will recognise them because no matter how plain they might be you’ll still stand out because you are rocking a trend and its difficult to rock it twice!

The Waist-Belt: They are still on trend my dears so don’t throw them away just yet. The waist belt is in my naija woman’s survival kit for very valid reasons. It has the Midas touch as it can transform an ill fitted top into a perfect fit, you’ll even end up praying for some breathing space! It gives one a waist where there is none and an hour-glass figure when the waist is existent. Before the coming of age of the waist-belts, tank tops and jeans were the norm, suddenly it seems awfully boring sometimes and now you can spice it up with a waist-belt. It’s the answer to a clueless outfit day.

The Ankara: This is by far my best African fabric; I love its versatility and its texture as it is best suited for the Nigerian climate. It can be beautifully combined with other fabrics and different looks can be created from the mix. In other words it can be made perfect for every occasion. It has the ‘va-va-voom’ effect when properly tailored. O, how I love me some Ankara!

The Watch: I never was a fan of watches, but that has changed since I discovered it can be the ultimate fashion ‘tell all about my personality accessory’. I strongly believe in uniqueness when it comes to ones personal style and what other way to display it, with the use of a watch. The watch is kind of a compulsory accessory, so why not get one that is fashionable while staying true to your personal style as it ensures you are right on track with the time 24/7!

The Tank Top: Nigeria is ‘hot hot hot’ and tank tops are perfect for our weather. They can be fashionable if worn properly and combined with the right accessories. They can give this casual chic look and also can be glamorous if you wear a sequined or an embellished one with will do you a great deal in the dark.Tank tops are great for everyday wear. Every Nigerian woman should own a few as they are affordable , although I personally will advice you to get them at our local markets.

That's all for now.Looking forward to viewing your comments.Always remember to keep your fashion freak on!

Yours' Stylishly,