Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hey everyone, how are you all doing? Last week was very eventful for me; this week will be even more. Anyway, let’s talk fashion. I haven’t posted a major trend article on this blog in a while, so I decided to get to that today, this particular post took a lot out of me, in terms of the research and material search that went into it, so hopefully ENJOY!

Here in Nigeria, It is summer all year long; however, that doesn’t mean we can’t follow some of the seasonal trends which don’t relate to us directly, that exist.

Its Autumn, and the fall 2008& Winter 2009 trends have already been laid out; obviously I don’t expect that we take on to coat and knitwear wearing; but in the long list of the latest fashion fads, there are ones which we can embrace and stay in tune with fashion our own way!

SCULPTURED SILHOUTETES AND SHAPES: Fall 2008 features architectural shapes; from moulded silhouettes to geometric shapes. We can incorporate sculpture which is featured in coats; in our work and casual blazers and jacket; swing jackets, fleece jackets and cropped jackets (a few which are suitable to our climate) Follow the waist defining trend and belt your work/formal blazer for a smart look, as for casuals, colour is the key; Go for a blank canvas which will be perfect to emphasise the effect of strong rich eye-popping colours in teal, tomato red and orange. For a night look; wear a blazer with a glossy metallic finish.

* The military influence is also a key trend, which we can adopt with our blazers.

SKIRTS: This season, you have a variety of skirt styles to choice from in varying lengths; from the mini, to under the knee lengths and maxi length. For the love of all things country, there’s the plaid, tartan and checks. The school girl look comes to play with the mini-check pleated skirts. You get to see more tulip skirts and luckily for people like me, the full skirt still reigns supreme this season, with prom skirts and tulle sheer skirts.

CASUAL DRESSES IN TARTANS, CHECKS AND PLAIDS: The floral pattern had taken over the casual dress scene for a while, now there’s a new pattern in town. Plaids, checks and tartans haven’t only conquered the skirt category but also the dress. These dresses are best suited for casual and semi-formal outings if you ask me!

ANIMAL PRINTS: Just when you think, you’ve had enough of animal prints, they come back, bigger and louder; that’s the case this fall season. Prints are back with a bang! They are incorporated in all forms of clothing and accessories. You get to see a combination of this season’s latest styles in animal prints.

Advice: Never get rid of you animal prints, leopard prints have become a classic. As you can afford to wear them all year round!

PAISELY PRINT: The eclectic ethnic folkloric dressing comes back with a vengeance this season; as boho-chic is at its finest, with the reign of the paisley print. This trend is well translated from the catwalk to the high street; so ladies, get ready to embrace this trend with maxi, smock dresses and a wider variety of dress styles.

BEADED, EMBELLISHED, SEQUIN, LACE AND BROCADE EVENING DRESS LOOKS: While the day dress looks take a more vibrant and playful feel with bold prints, the evening dress look is glamorized with intricate textures and shine; embellishments, sequins and beads rock the scene with brocade and lace textured dresses coming alive centre stage; with conservative necklines, and a lot left to the imagination with key holes, peek-a-boo sheers and lace effects.

PANTS; TAILORED, CARROT AND FLARED: This season offers the pants lovers tailoring, some fashion flare and a piece of carrot to chew on!
Think mannish inspired tailored wide and skinny leg trousers, and high-waist flares; from the boot-cuts to the extra extra flare ones.
Am not a fan of harem or the carrot top trousers, which can be identified by the tapering to the ankle and the tuck pleat fullness at the waistline, however, one thing I do like about them, is their ability to conceal tummy if you have one.

For those who dare to standout, sequined trousers are in this season. I don’t think I can handle this trend, can you?
If your answer is yes, I advice that you pair them with a subtle plain blouse and keep accessories as minimal and simplistic as possible.
The picture below shows the sequined pants paired with a grey back tie bow top, a pair of leopard print sling backs and a black satin clutch.

* And as for the blouses to go with these pants, tie bow necks are so in right now! Theses ties can be made into a bow, or left trailing as a scarf. Go for them in silk, satin and chiffon for a sexy look, and cotton for a casual everyday look.

With the shoes trends, we can easily relate: Here’s a list of the shoe styles that have got the ‘hots’ for your feet this fall:



EXOTIC SHOES: Reptile skins and prints.



HEELED OXFORDS: These mannish inspired shoes come in a wider variety of styles; you have open-toes, cutaway sides, two-tones uppers, non-neutral colours, in purple and golden yellow.



QUARTER STRAP SHOES: With theses, the straps are higher in comparison to Mary Jane’s.



That’s all folks, as for these trends, we should wear them our own way, and wear them right! Have a lovely week ahead. Need to get in contact with me, It is naijafashionfreak@gmail.com or naijafashionfreak@hotmail.co.uk
See you when I see you, and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!
Yours' Stylishly,