Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PARTY LIKE A STYLE STAR: ‘Classical glamour’ party look:

Hey Everyone! It has been a while…..gosh! I needed a break…anytime I have a draw-back of any sort what so ever…I take a break….I decide to be all miss organised…and typed posts for weeks...and guess what?...my computer has refused to come on…anyway…am back!....and with the last article in the party like a style star series: The ‘classical glamour’….I begin the last edition of this article with a bit of reminiscing….remembering my inspiration...gosh!...anyway lets begin!

The ‘classical glamour’ party look plays along familiar territory; in the sense that, the items which make up this look, are ones which we are familiar with; that is, the wardrobe essentials; the LBD and tailored trousers are made sexier with a hint of 1950’s Hollywood glamour; its lights! Camera! Action!

The striking thing with this look…is the detailing in each clothing item. This ultimately makes the statement rather than the outfit itself!

With pulling off this look my dears, get ready to bring your creative genius on board! As a core wardrobe item can be re-worked with a change of accessories, hair and make-up.

The ‘classical glamour’ is about monochrome, going all black or the black and white mix!

All dresses featuured can be found at http://www.asos.com/.
Be not afraid of going monochrome, however if you are a little reluctant to walk that path to fashion fab! You can add one bold colour to give your outfit some party stand-out spirit. This multicoloured oversize clutch from Fendi , the canary yellow one from Michael Kors and the purple and pink shoes will do just that!

That’s all folks; we have come to the end of this series; hope you have learnt a little…a lot! After this I will be coming up with a man day post…and then…hmmmnn...the surprise!!!!!!! So my fellow fashionista tune in, have your eyes wide open…even if you have to hold them up to do so…lol…Need advice? It is naijafashionfreak@gmail.com or naijafashionfreak@hotmail.co.uk See you when I see you and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!

Yours’ Stylishly,

Friday, March 14, 2008

PARTY LIKE A STYLE STAR: The ‘eclectic’ party look!!

Hey ya! How you all doing???…Thank G-O-D it is Friday….gosh! How I love the end of a week… This year is going going gone (in the words of my mother)...Lol... Anyways, we are coming to the end of the party like a style star series….this is the second to the last look I will feature……

Somebody who has an eclectic style selects what is best or preferred from a variety of sources or fashion eras. This look is a real mix of the 1940’s style tea dresses, punk-inspired studded cuffs, super high heels, biker or bomber jackets and oversized cardigans. Although the last two aren’t fitting for our weather, I decided to include it for those overseas….lol…however; you can still create the ‘eclectic’ look with substitutes to them which are more suitable for our climate. Instead of the oversized cardigan, one could opt for an oversized print peasant style blouse paired with black or stripped knee socks (depending on your preference), and as for the biker or bomber jackets go for them in cotton.

This look combines vintage pieces with current trends…it has a ‘modern vintage’ timeless feel…To get the ‘eclectic’ party look, you have to be ready to play with lots of textures at once…from wool, silk, chiffon, cotton, lace….velvet….it deals with combining different textures in one outfit.


Mix up prints and colours, but wear it with a rock ‘n’ roll accessory to add a bit of edge and to stop it from looking too pretty!

That’s all folks; the last from the ‘party like a style star’ series will come….so check on me soon. Have a fashion fabulous weekend…need advice it is naijafashionfreak@gmail.com or naijafashionfreak@hotmail.co.uk
See you when I see you and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!

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