Monday, June 23, 2008

EVENT ALERT! launch party.

Hey ya, as one of the contributors of, I will like to inform you all on the Launch party in London. The main purpose of the Styleme-up event is to bring together people in the fashion and creative industry, recognize their contributions and to showcase the talent of up and coming fashion designers. Nice! don't you think????

I wish I could be there in person, It will be fantastic! Trust me! I know what I will like to encourage everyone who can be there, to be there! It is an event you can't afford to miss!

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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Hey Everyone! I have a pretty occupied week ahead; my brain has to work pretty hard! Anyway, this is an impromptu post inspired by my mission to get everyone singing to my fashion fabulous tune.

Ha! (Sigh of extreme frustration). I love to think of Nigerians as fashionable people, but with the onset of this blog, I have been in positions to think the contrary, today I found myself in such a position once more.

All white has and will always be a difficult look to pull off; worn properly it is sophistication personified, done wrongly, well you get…WRONG!!!...simple and plain…JUST WRONG!!! Lol…ENJOY!!!

I guess when the angels come out to play, the devils feel obliged to! OK! A bit to harsh...but you must admit they look a bit hideous. Seeing the photos I went through a rollercoaster of emotions; outright disgust- sheer mockery – a dash of sympathy.
For the folks concerned, it is all tough love bay bay, next time an all white party comes along, you could look to this gorgeous Bella for inspiration!

That’s all folks, have a Lovely week ahead. If you feel the need to contact me; it is or See you when I see you and always remember to keep your fashion freak on!

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Friday, June 13, 2008


Hey ya! I picked up my tempo a bit this week. I am getting into my game slowly but surely. It is all good. This week, I made long-term plans, life-altering decisions, I got a chance to develop new relationships and witness previous ones grow. Although a bit too serious for my liking, but, In general, I can proudly say that I had a pretty fulfilling week and I hope it was the same for you all.
Now on to the business of the day, FASHION:

When starting up a new wardrobe; you begin with acquiring wardrobe staples; and the white shirt is definitely one of them; its ability to be transformed to suit different looks is what makes it top priority when picking out clothing items to fill up a closet.

This post shows you 5 ways in which you can ‘serve up’ the white shirt on a morning of immense paperwork , a sunny afternoon at the beach, an evening of cocktail glamour, a night out on the town and day with the girls. ENJOY!

‘Serve Up’ the white shirt for a CASUAL DAY: There is one clothing item that can alter any look to a casual one once you put them on; that clothing item is none other than a pair of jeans. Want to imbibe your much loved white shirt on a casual day, pair it up with jeans, and if you’re not a fan of jeans; cargo pants, linen pants (in full or three-quarter lengths) or shorts are an equally effective replacement!

‘Serve Up’ the white shirt on a NIGHT OUT: A night out should have you hitting up clubs, parties, and the likes. For this I say, juxtapose the seriousness of the white shirt with a colourful bottom and ‘attitude speaking’ accessories; the now-so-in coloured skinny jeans and heeled gladiator sandals will come in handy!

‘Serve Up’ the white shirt at WORK: The white shirt was made for the office. I know Brandy says or said (because the song is quite old) ‘Never say never’, but considering what am about to say, she is wrong! You can never; I repeat NEVERRRRR (conscious stress on the letter ‘R’) go wrong with a crisp white shirt on a day at the office!

Christain Louboutin open toe pumps £335

‘Serve Up’ the white shirt on the BEACH: While we may like to flaunt our elegant belted one piece swimsuits, our sexy cut-out ones or the retro shaped ones with high waist bands, belt details and wide shoulder straps (this is a current swimsuit trend btw), It is good to have a cover-up on the beach and instead of the usually sundresses and tunics opt for a white shirt, better still, a male white shirt!

White top £100
Pink bikini £100

‘Serve Up’ the white shirt for a COCKTAIL PARTY: The cocktail party is a formal event. The formal look which best embraces the white shirt is the ‘the slick chic’ party look which I treated earlier as a part of a series. For such an occasion pair the white shirt with a tuxedo jacket. A tie or bow may be of great use. For more insight on the look, you can refer to my post on it.

MCQ wool blend tuxedo blazer £335

Philip Lim straight leg pants £240

All jewellery, bags and footwear featured in this post can be found at
White shirt £40 at
All unders at

That’s all folks. Have a wonderful weekend. Need to get in contact with me, email me at or See you when I see you and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!

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Thursday, June 5, 2008


Hey ya everyone, It is almost the end of the week…phew!!! (Like I did anything worth resting for) Yes, I had a pretty uneventful week, thanks to the Little Miss lazy attitude I had all week…well there’s no need crying over spilled milk (for the record, sometimes there might be a need!) I guess this weekend, resting is far from my mind…Anyway, this post is none like you’ve read before and I plan to make it a regular feature on my blog.

The ‘Miss NFF style personality’ will be basically short fashion/style related interviews with fashion conscious faces familiar to the Nigerian audience. It will give us a glimpse of their style as individuals.

For the premiere edition, I decided to feature a pioneer reader of the naijafashionfreak blog; IFEOMA EJIKEME. Yes, I decided to be a little biased. She is undeniable fashion conscious(after all she as able to keep her fashion freak mojo on throughout her stay in the BBN house and trust me, being locked up can do some damage to your fashion sense!) Better still, she loves me blog. ENJOY!!!

Use one word to describe your personal style...?


What’s your favourite fashion accessory?

IFY>>>It has to be bags, I can’t go anywhere without my bag.

Any preference? Is it with totes, clutches, or dome bags…what is it exactly?

IFY>>>I don’t think I will be able to pick one…I like to wear all types.

What was the last thing you bought?

IFY>>>A pair of red shoes….hmmnn…the price…I will leave that out!

Are you interested in purchasing red shoes, have a look at what has to offer:

Christian Loubotin Rosazissimo feathered shoes £400

Rupert Sanderson Malone patent pumps £310

Jimmy Choo Eliza patent sandals £360

What is the most expensive item in you closet?

IFY>>>That will have to be jewellery!

Fancy expensive jewellery? Here are a few.

- Yellow Gold 18k diamond bracelet $38,500

-Spessaritite and yellow sapphire ring $4,500

Brow Tahitian Pearl earrings $1,095

To purchase or have a look at more; visit

Who are your style icons?

IFY>>>My mom, I get into her closet sometimes, Funmi Iyanda's taste in clothes is quite exquisite and also Betty Irabor. Then there is Beyonce and the ultimate style goddess Sarah Jessica Parker!

How often do you shop?

IFY>>>There are no specifics when it comes to shopping. I can’t actually say twice a month or once a week, it depends. I am more like the person who sees something they like, and if it is affordable, I buy.

Who are your favourite designers?

IFY>>>I am a huge fan of Vera Wang; I love Deola Sagoes’ imaginative and creative ability, the softness of Folake Folarins' Tiffany Amber creations and the bling in Jewel by Lisa designs.

Do you patronise the ‘fashion underneath the garments’ in other words, spanks, bodysuits?

IFY>>>I will go the whole nine yards. If it is necessary, I say bring it on!

What is your favourite African fabric?

IFY>>>The kente has been my favorite African fabric for a quite a while now.

If you had the chance to raid someone’s closet, who will it be?

IFY>>>It will have to be Sarah Jessica Parkers; she has access to best of the best and Beyonce Knowles.

Is there an outfit you regret wearing?

IFY>>>Yes! Yes! Yes! There was this particular outfit made for a certain occasion and it happen to turn out all wrong. From the fit, to the cut…and then the zip got busted…it crowned everything!

What will you never be caught dead wearing?

IFY>>>It has to be ELECTRIC GREEN!!!!!!! You will never see me in electric green!

Dolce&Gabanna electric green satin dress.

What fashion rule do you think everyone should abide by?

IFY>>>With fashion, I like to believe that there are no rules…like I said, it is an art, express yourself however you feel like.

I will like to use this opportunity to thank my devoted field agent and Ify for being the darling thats she is! Hugs and kisses.xoxo.

That’s all folks, Hope you had a nice read. Looking forward to more Miss NFF style personality features. Who would you like to see featured? Let me know through your comments or you can email me at or Have a lovely weekend, see you when I see you, and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!

Yours Stylishly,