Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Hey everyone! I am back again! I am getting used to this regular blogging, and I must admit I am loving it! I have never felt this excited in years, like every minute excited...once an idea pops in my head, I get thinking, researching..and it is so so much fun to do...hehe....I can say at this point, that I am a happy woman!

Anyway, lets get down to business, to the main ish of the day!... The ideas for my posts are usually triggered by an adrenalin rush of inspiration fostered by a conversation, an image, a movie, it differs....but one thing remains constant, and that is I have to be inspired..a light bulb has to glow in my head...and the hallelujah chorus must be resounding in the vocal chords of my soul..lol..I am in another world I tell you...

I found myself having a conversation in my head and BAM!!!!....there he was...clouding my mind with his thoughts , his voice calling for me...wanting me...my body yearning for his warm embrace......aaannnnnddddddd.....cut! I am talking about inspiration yall...lol... being poetic...OK! where was I, yes! I got inspired and there you have it 'The Gospel according To Miss NFF'
This post focuses on the fashion facts.....the gospel; the truth behind being fashionably fabulous!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!

1) BE COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN: To embrace fashion wholeheartedly, you must find a way to love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. This is the first step one must undergo before one can confidently express their individualism through fashion and her utensils.

2) LEARN TOO SEE BEYOND YOUR LIMITATIONS: I always pray this prayer…that I see beyond my limitations…explore hidden arenas…think bigger than the world can imagine… and all that jazz… anyway, when I say learn to see beyond your limitations, I am saying be creative, inventive with fashion. I find it difficult to comprehend the reason why people project a look twice wearing the same outfit and also, why people wear a particular item of clothing the same way each and every time. I know it will be totally unfair for me to just talk…so I decided to illustrate how one can see beyond their limitations. To do that, I will show 5 ways in which ‘I’ will wear a particular tee shirt. I will Giving you all a glimpse of my personal style.

Look 1: Strictly Casual

-Light blue vintage tee
-dark denim skinny jeans
-black sequin beret
-silver flats and
-a purple structured bag.

Look 2: Cool, calm and collected

-Light blue vintage tee
-White lace pinafore
-denim blue jeans
-Silver sandals with gem detail
-Gucci's large scarf tote and
-Dior sunglasses.

Look 3: Brit boy

- Light blue vintage tee
- Dark denim skinny jeans
- railroad vest
- Stripped fedora hat
- Metallic gold sneakers and
- a metallic gold big bag.

Look 4: Casual chic

- Light blue vintage tee
- High waist denim skirt
- Nude and purple open toe shoes and
- a purple over sized-clutch.

Look 5: laid-back corporate

- Light blue vintage tee
- black blazer
- black tweed trousers
- black shoes and
- a metallic hand bag.

3) YOU MUST INVEST IN TIMELESS PIECES: If you ask me, I will tell you that I have followed quite a number of fashion trends. Fashion trends have a short lifespan, so the need to keep re-stocking your closet occurs quite frequently. However, there are certain pieces which can stand the test of time and are immune to this constant change. These are timeless pieces, and one must try to invest in a good number of them. Some of these pieces include the overly emphasized LBD, the leopard and floral prints, the blazer, the clutch, Etc.

4) BE SMART WITH YOUR PURSE AND YOUR PURCHASES: To be fashionable, you have to be smart, cut your coat according to your size or whatever they say!...If you indeed have the money not to consider the size of your wallet before shopping…touché…but if you don’t, then you have to sharpen your bargaining tactics, hunting skills and learn how to be a smart shopper, only then, will you succeed. To be smart with your purse and purchases you have to:

1) Explore all your horizons: There are people who tend to stick to certain clothing stores, each time they shop. Personally, I don’t advise this; one must learn to go into as many shops as possible, because you never know!

2) Think location: The locations of certain stores determine their price range due to cost of production and the ‘luxury’ of the area. I have come to discover that most clothing stores in Surulere and the mainland offer more reasonable prices to shoppers than the ones in the Island, due to obvious reasons.

3) Take advantage of sales: Stores do have sales, and it is an opportunity to save a few Nairas. Although, in Nigeria the clothes that are sold in sales are usually the ones which have been in the sores for so long, some, fashion has left them behind…discouraging I know, but it won’t hurt to take a look….I have found a few unique items through taking advantage of sales.

5) BEAUTY IS PAIN: Nothing good comes easy; you have to pay the price to be fabulous!!!... There are many times that I go out clubbing with the intention of going ‘koko-below’...Lol…and I still wear my 6 inch heels, not because I am short, now! You all know that! But because they go better with the outfit…and at those times, I remember that ‘beauty is pain’….yeah! Being comfortable is key...but not in all situations. I wouldn’t take comfort as an excuse for someone wearing a satin mini dress with flats….the person will probably get the Miss Nff award for ‘why the hell did you wear those shoes’ ..lol…so my dears if your mama didn’t tell you, well, I will say it loud and clear BEAUTY IS PAIN!

6) BE A FINISHER: It makes no use to start something up, and not finish it. It would have been wiser not to have started in the first place. When you dress up, you must take into consideration each and everything. What hair do will best complement the outfit, what bag, what shoes, what type of make-up; should I go heavy or light? By taking into account all these details, you are not just wearing a combination of clothes, accessories and random make-up; you are creating a ‘look’. Anyone can wear clothes, but only a true style goddess knows how to pull off a look!!!!!!!!!!

7) YOUR BODY SHOULD DETERMINE YOUR STYLE: Variety is the spice of life; people come in different beautiful shapes and sizes; and your body, your size should determine your style and the trends you choose to follow. Like I said, I am short and thus; I can’t afford to wear some certain trends even though my heart longs for them. We determine the way we portray our bodies with fashion being the ultimate tool; In other words, as we all can’t be perfect, your style should be aimed at playing down on your imperfections, laying emphasis on your strong points.

8) ATTITUDE GIRL!!!! : You must bring life to a ‘look’, you must have an attitude!!!!....think Omowunmi Akinfesi, Chalya Shagaya, Elohor Isihor….having the right attitude is essential…to pulling off a look and to be crowned a fashionista. Fashion is for a woman to tap into her confident, passionate, sexy, savvy persona …..And you know it has got to be backed up by attitude! Get your walk on, strike a pose, flash that beautiful smile, be you, be fabulous, be outrageous…it is all in the letter A!!!!

That’s all folks….I will be posting a fashion quiz soon….and I am currently working on an article which will focus on the latest shoe trends….so….tune in….anyway, see you when I see you, need fashion advice???… It still remains

If you have taken time to read my interests, you’ll find out that I have love for poetry…so since I love to spread my love….go check out http://www.inkwrotethis.blogspot.com/
...it is new…and I think any fan of poetry will absolutely love it….have a fab rest of the week…and remember to always keep your fashionfreak on!

Yours' Stylishly,


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a super fabulous weekend, I did! Thanks to H-I-M…. On Friday I was having a discussion with a friend of mine (H-I-M to be precise) about how it is necessary to look fabulous during awards. He thinks people should be remembered for their win not what they wear( whatever!), I think the contrary; the win matters as much as the fashion laying emphasis on Halle Berry’s Oscar win and the Ellis Saab dress, they sort go hand in hand…Anyway, that discussion inspired this article, ..'The Future Awards, the present fashion’

The Future Awards took place a few weeks ago and I will like to congratulate the winners and say more grease to your elbows…omagod! I can’t believe I just said that! It is taking me back to the days of prize giving days and the teachers who always said; ‘does she have two heads’ to those who never took a prize…. Lol… anyway, you know naijafashionfreak is all about the fashion! So I was excited about the whole awards ceremony, yes… Partially because of what it stands for, the fact that it acknowledges the success of individuals, but most importantly because it gives me the opportunity to be me! So here I am being me…or should I say WE (my body, soul and spirit).

This article explores the different looks, trends and everything fashion displayed at the glamorous occasion plus there is the ‘Miss NFF award for the all and sundry’ that has a nice ring to it…right???....so I say, Enjoy!!!!!


I have learnt to acknowledge that trends differ in countries and fashion industries, although yes! We tend to follow the ones set by the international fashion scene, that is ,the trends featured in the Paris, Milan, New York and London runways, but we do have our trends which are unique to our industry, so that is what I am exploring. These trends are not necessarily global, they are local…

Clutches: Clutches usually take over the award scene, like I said; It is mostly for somewhat extravagant occasions, and an award show is certainly one. My love for clutches, I believe is so evident and I guess the stars love them too…awww…great minds think alike… a star!! I am… I certainly am!!...lol… Anyway, if you are yet to have one, haba!!!.. It is about time…and also, it is about time you start considering increasing your collection. Add a little more depth to it, In terms of more colours, textures, shapes, and sizes… since this year is all about increase…Preach!!!...financial increase…promotion in workplace…spiritual elevation…Amen!…why not clutch bag increase…lol…words for the wise…

Big Jewellery: Nigerian women are very flamboyant when it comes to their jewellery. It was evident at the awards.......as accessories were bold, big and beautiful…unfortunately, some failed to strike a balance; ignoring that when one chooses to go bold with jewellery, the outfit should take a back sit and lean towards simplicity. As too much flashy can become so so trashy! lol... however, the big jewellery is a trend to be reckoned with, it is for the drama queen fashionistas!!!...dare to be bold…go big with your jewellery! And let it do all the talking!

The Empire band: Just when you think Nigerians are over a particular trend, there you have it!the empire band is back! and it is doing wonders for ladies.... and it could do wonders for you too!!!!!

Prints: A lot of people went for prints at the Future Awards….was I thrilled…to be honest, although I love prints and usually encourage my readers to own a few, I wasn’t really feeling the printed looks at the awards. A few got it right. Yes…only a few…but, most ended up looking frumpy or cheap…but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good trend...it is , but one should realise that prints for an award ceremony is such a ‘dare devil’…and only few can pull off the look.

The colour green: I thought everyone caught the green fever in the month on October, since that’s when we celebrate our independence and all…but I guess I thought wrong because Nigerians seem to have caught the green fever in the month of January! Green took the award for the most patronised colour of the event. Was I surprised…no… not really…the thing with the colour green is that it suits the varied complexions of the African skin….and it can be easily combined with various colours like gold, bronze, black…the list goes on…so I say…get something green yall...the grass is definitely greener this time of the year!

‘Miss NFF award for the all and sundry’

The award for 'best smile' goes to:

Ashionye smile is so beautiful and she is glowing...she deserves this award....doesn't she???

The award for 'Why the hell did you wear those shoes':

There is nothing like a finished look, and this lady needs to understand this; she spoils the whole look (try to ignore the choker)lol.. with the white shoes...not because they are pointed..she did get the whole pointed heel look down, bur because of its colour!!!!!!

The award for 'Print fab' goes to:

Prints ruled at the future awards, and she brings sexy back with this number, she worked it fabulously to the core!!!

The award for 'best use of colour' goes to:

Sasha's look is really impressive, she plays with colours and goes neon bright!!!...hail!!!!

The award for 'belle of the ball' goes to:

When I saw her picture, one word came to mind 'beautiful' it is as simple as that. As far as I am concerned, she stole the show!

The award for 'most under-dressed' goes to:

I see no reason why anyone should wear jeans to a high profile award show like the future awards...was she punked????..because I really do not get it...there is an appropriate dress code for particular occasions..and no... I will not take simplicity for an excuse...this is just wrong and totally unacceptable....

The award for 'that bag just spoilt your look' goes to:

I love this look...especially the Victorian themed top...but...as I have said earlier on...finishing a look is key, one item and one item alone which doesn't quite coordinate with the others can be doom for the whole look...the bag speaks HORROR!!!!

The award 'most unfaltering dress' goes to:

This dress is sort of like 'Mary Amaka' meets 'dance hall queen' ..it has a very conservative neckline and sleeve..and the shine..is all disco ball...okk...that is not even the issue, the main ish is its fit..it is so unflattering.......it pencils her figure....which in this case..makes her look less appealing to a fashion conscious eye.

The award for 'daring choice of shoe' goes to:

J'adore tu, whoever you may be. She spices up her outfit with a daring pair of shoe. This I will say, is a true finisher, putting every detail into consideration. She sticks to one colour, then decides to go astray with the shoes....I like!!!!...No..I love!!!

The award for 'best make-up' goes to:

Ty Bello's make-up is flawless....her strong brows framing her face, the choice of eyeshadow...... plus her beautiful warm smile.... she looks tres gorgeous .....


These two ladies happen to have worn the same shoes to the same occasion..should one have left them in the closet or never bought them attal????..lets know...who ran it better????

That's all folks...I will say at this point, that I am a bit disapointed by the fashion displayed at the Future Awards. I expected more glamour, more effort from our celebrities. Hope they step up their game next time around! Anyway, need fashion advice it still remains
naijafashionfreak@gmail.com ....have a lovely rest of the week..see you when I see you..and remember to always keep your fashionfreak on!

Yours' Stylishly.