Wednesday, April 9, 2008

SUIT ME UP!!!!!!!

Hey Everyone! I have seriously been MIA...NEWAY... It is man day today…so wassup???? ..hehe …how did your week go? This weekend better go all well and dandy for me or else…..or else what????...I dunno…lol…I just hope and pray it does….

Okay! A dog and his bone, a hunter and his prey a man and his suit! This article will lead you to know how well you can wear a suit to create a certain look! , after all, Miss NFF strongly believes that it is not just about the suit you buy, be it an Armani or a I don’t know who the hell that is! It is how you wear it! From the office to the cocktail party to a casual day naijafashionfreak has got you covered…..I just hate how much I love you!

The MODERN suit:

THE SUIT: The modern shape is defined by a slimmer fit on the trousers and jackets. Two-buttoned styles are the most elegant, streamlined and flattering. Texture and pattern add subtle interest to a classic suit.

THE TIE: Don’t put a chunky tie on a slim silhouette. Go for a skinny one and secure it in a neat, tight knot.

THE SHIRT: A plain shirt will allow the suit maximum impact.

The CASUAL suit:

THE SUIT: They key word here is casual. Create an informal and relaxed impression with the choice of your suit fabric. Corduroy will do the trick!

THE SHIRT: You have no need for a tie, so dispense with it, Go on! Take it off! Instead, go for a shirt in a soft, supple fabric that doesn’t have a stiff collar. For extra loucheness, leave the top two buttons undone or the easiest way out, wear a tee shirt with a bit of edge.

* This look is already casual enough but one could choose to include the jumper.

THE JUMPER: I wanted to leave this behind, you know, is it climate friendly? No! It isn’t but decided to include it for my readers based abroad….So if you choose to go for this in naija…hmmnnn na u know o!...I move on… avoid thick jumpers, fine –gauge knit are more comfortable than they are. The V-neck is the most suitable for the cool, calm and collected look, as it opens up the area of the collar-bone and is more relaxed than a crew neck. Show a bit of belt- a jumper that’s too long looks geeky.

You can accessorize with shades, a trilby or fedora hat…..

The COCKTAIL suit:

THE SUIT: This is a classic dark single-breasted, two-button suit. You could wear it to the office, but it works as a going-out suit, too.

THE SHIRT: Keep it crispy and white and go for a long collar for a more contemporary look.

THE TIE: Choose a slim tie and make a tidy knot.

The BUSINESS suit:

THE SUIT: A classic pinstripe suit looks more up to date if it has a well-defined waist.

THE SHIRT: Stripped shirts can be worn with pinstripe suits. The ones with a subtle tone-on-tone stripe, brightly coloured ones depending on your preference. Show a little but not too much shirt cuff- it looks weird if you don’t. Novelty cuff links project the wrong kind of image.

THE TIE: keep the tie simple and plain. Avoid garnish patterns or textures-let the suit do the talking.

For obvious reasons, a briefcase is needed…black leather I say!

The FORMAL suit:

THE SUIT: A double-breasted jacket is the most formal style, as it always looks best buttoned up. It’s about structure and shape. Fitted across the chest and tailored at the waist. The new-look double-breasted suits are more shapely than their boxy 1980s predecessors.

THE SHIRT: A classic-cutaway collar complements a chunky tie knot.

THE TIE: A thicker tie with a chunky knot works well with the double-breasted suits because it balances the silhouette.

That's all folks.....tune in for a glimpse of the surprise tomorrow..have a fab rest of the week. It is or .See you when I see you and remeber to always keep your fashion freak on.

Yours' Stylishly



ink said...

miss NFF! humorous as always (na u know o!), i will refer it to my future guy.

kp up the good work!

didi said...

all you guys out there take note!!!

Labelle for Jotees Trendz said...

loving ur blog...

Labelle for Jotees Trendz said...
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Anonymous said...

You had me from the moment you featured my husband Clive Owen.. the love i have for that man... goshh... hes absolute perfection... ashton kutchers a hottie... i wasnt even looking at nothing but them in this but fantastic post though

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

Lawdy!!! these men look soooooooooo yummeee!!!! and the suits are gorgeous, of course :-)

The Last King Of Scotland said...

couldnt have said it more. there are 4 things about suits. fit, material, colour and cut.thanks

the coward robert ford said...

well done!

problem is i'm almost certain i know this from a gq . . . .

naijafashionfreak said...

Hey! am sorry to disapoint you, But this is certainly not from a gq mag. If you refer back to my other posts, when I outsource for information,I do not fail to provide a link or inform my readers. No one can claim to the ownership of these tips, as they are standard and can be giving by anyone who has an indepth knowledge of styling men and women. I believe I fall under this category. I am delighted to say the list, that some of my tips are similar to that which you are certain is sourced from a gq mag...its a real confidence booster!I guess I aint dishing trash afterall!!!...(I am talking to you, you know who you are)