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Hey ya everyone, it has been a minute! If someone told me I wasn’t going to blog throughout the month of September, hmmnn…I wouldn’t have believed half of the nonsense…But Oh, well!

A lot of stuff has been going on… The Good, the Bad and the downright u-g-l-y I aint got no alibi, I tell you! But I have decided not to let my troubles get in the way of my love for fashion…So to hell with it, let the fabulousity continue!

I chat up a storm with two time nominee at the Future Awards for Best use of Goodwill; Dumebi Agbakoba on her Label ‘Dakou’, her love for the South of France and the upcoming DSPA Charity ball. ENJOY!!!

NAIJAFASHIONFREAK>>> So Dumebi, what is the inspiration behind your collections?
DUMEBI>>> First and foremost, my environment then equally my family. I'm inspired by nature and generally observing what’s going on around me.

NFF>>> What is it about your designs that convey your point of view as a designer?
DUMI>>> Fashion shouldn't be taken too seriously. My designs are wearable, colourful and fun.

NFF>>> How should a woman feel in your clothes?
DUMI>>> Sexy, free and sassy!

NFF>>> What do you think is always summers’ must have dress?
DUMI>>> I will say, print maxi dresses with embellishments.

NFF>>> Everyone loves a great holiday, what’s your favourite holiday destination and why?
DUMI>>> There are so many places to choose from. I am not sure if I have a favourite…. maybe Nice, South of France. It just seems like a really interesting place. I also love South of Africa and New York. The shopping in NY is fantastic and the weather in South Africa is just lovely.

NFF>>> How is it being a designer in an emerging fashion industry, like the one which exist in Nigeria?
DUMI>>> It is a challenge; there is a lot to learn and a lot to do when running a business or trying to market the brand. Luckily, the fashion industry is still developing in Nigeria so at least I can grow with it and hopefully in a few years, the Dakou brand will be a household name.

NFF>>> If we were to have lunch, how would I describe your personality afterwards?
DUMI>>> Fun loving, easy going, humble and down to earth!

NFF>>> When you are not working, how do you spend your time?
DUMI>>> I have a couple other projects, and the DSPA NGO. I spend my time working on new ideas and concepts for events. We are currently getting prepared for one of our events, which is in partnership with Catwalk the Word; The Do Sumthing for Africa Charity Ball.

NFF>>> When and where is this event taking place?
DUMI>>> It’s on the 17th of October, at the Palace Suite, Royal Garden Hotel, London.

NFF>>> What’s the idea behind the Charity ball??
DUMI>>>Well… The main purpose of the DSPA charity event is to bring together members of the public, especially well meaning Nigerians, on a particular day and have them pledge their enabling positive resources towards the DSPA project.

NFF>>> What’s the project this year?
DUMI>>> This year, the proceeds will be donated towards two different projects. The first project will involve building and developing disabled community youth homes in Lagos. The second project involves financial support for the upkeep of young children to alleviate them from hunger in Nigeria.

NFF>>> You had a successful event last year, what are your hopes for this year?
DUMI>>> Last year, We got support from Family, friends, musicians and a few young volunteers , this year we are fortunate to Partner with Catwalk The World and we have a wider range of sponsors and supporters; Virgin Nigeria, Blue Bulb media, True Love West Africa, Deola Sagoe, Samantha Cole and a host of others. We hope this year for more success , and that more people come out to support a good cause in terms of contributions and volunteer work.

Purchase tickets online at:

Donations can be made online via Nochex:

VIP Front dinner seats: Table Row 2 - 5 £55.00
Center Dinner Seats Table Row 6 - 8 £45.00
Rear Dinner seating: Table Row 9 - 10 £35.00
Rear theatre Seating £25.00

For a look at her collection, visit:

That’s all folks, Want to send a big shout out to Dumebi, lots of love from Miss NFF. Need to get in contact with me, It is or Have a lovely weekend, See you when I see you, and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!

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