Thursday, December 6, 2007


I promised to post the stocklists as soon as possible, so here I am keeping to my words!
I mentioned some places during my most recent post and it will be totally unfair for me not give you their contact address. I believe in doing things properly and in order not to contradict to my beliefs here is the stock list:

- Priscilla’s pride Day Spa: 272B Corporation Drive, Dolphin estate, Ikoyi Lagos. Tel: 08023454667 or 01-8153002

- Beauty Concerns: 269A Kofo Abayomi Street, VI, Lagos.
Tel: 01-3204904, 8962090 (Head Office)
Branch Office: The nail Place; 32 Musa Yaradua Strret, VI,Lagos.
Tel: 0805249478

-Charisma Cosmetics and Spa: Onyx Plaza, No1 Sobo Aribiodu Street, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos. Tel: 01-7919445, 01-4976528. 01-7616481

- Jewel by Lisa: 6, Ribahdu Road, South-West Ikoyi, Lagos. Tel: 08033085418

- Iconola: 26 Agoro Road, Omole Estate Phase 1, Ikeja, Lagos.
Tel: 08053177096 or 08021744113

- MYA: Ikoyi Shopping Mall, 1 Bank Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. Tel:08027505749

- Deola Sagoe: Elizade Plaza, Ikorodu Road, Lagos. Tel: 08027505749

- Tiffany Amber: The Palms Shoppimg Centre. Tel: 01-7610720

32, Musa Yaradua Street, VI, Lagos. Tel: 01-7914004
Green Village, 58A Isaac John Street, GRA, Ikeja.
The Mediterranean, Justice Momman Nasir Street, Asokoro,

Abuja. Tel: 08033235335

- Perfumery Ltd: Value mart; 24, Akin Adesola Street, VI, Lagos.
Tel: 01- 2612030, 0802306160

- Ground Floor Nicon Hilton Hotel, Maitama, Abuja. Tel: 09-4132929
- 2nd floor, Bics mall; 6 Olu obasanjo way by citizen bank, Port-Harcourt.
Tel: 0803305710, 084-744041.

……….And now for my selection of the ‘IT’ shops in Lagos.

One magazine which I really love is ‘JUICE’ because most the clothes they feature in their issues are very affordable to the masses. I ensure I patronise the clothing stores they feature their stuff…I actually do in most cases…so everyone should get JUICE!!!!!(Free publicity yall!)

1) Jeans Culture: Murphy’s Plaza sanusu fafunwa, VI, Lagos.
2) Didiz Culture : Murphy’s Plaza sanusi Fafunwa, VI, Lagos.
3) Soggy’s Culture : Aderian Ogunsanya Street, Surulere, Lagos.

Another ‘IT’ Place for me is the MARKET; I am not too familiar with Alade market, I can count how many times I have been there, Balogun I used to go, but the wahala there is just too much, I only go there in search of our local materials. Anyway, my favourite market of all times is none other than TEJUOSHO market. So for those of you who want to spend less Naira go there!!! is so fab!!!!

J’adore Tiger Tem; gosh! I think she is so talented and creative. I love love her bag collection, so I am tempted to spread the love. Her shop is located at 22 Musa Yaradua Street, VI. The telephone number is 01-2711681.

For the Christmas the ‘IT’ places to go are:
I am a big fan of nature and the peace and serenity you feel when you are in its midst. So all my ‘IT’ places offer you the chance to reconnect with nature and enjoy in the splendour of what the Lord has made!

- Obudu cattle ranch
- Eleko Beach
- La Campagne Tropicana

I got my first official fashion advice request!!! Yeeey!!!...I decided to post it, so that other people in her similar situation will have their fashion problems resolved:

hi, i kinda need ur help, am a fashion freak and i really want 2 look good dis xmas, i was thinking of sowing a short gown( just above d knee) gown with leopard skin ankara material, but the prob is i haven't got hips, and some of my friends are saying it wont fit me, any other ideas....a gown pls

NAIJAFASHIONFREAK: Prints fit each and everyone, that is why I included them in my 12 gifts for Christmas. Like with all types of dresses, you have to get the one which best complements your figure. Since you are somewhat fixated on using prints, which I am in full support of, I have put together a few printed dress styles which will look fab on you whether you have hips or not! This will definitely be of great help to you.

Because of the natural fashion freak instinct in me, when I see a guy, I immediately picture in my head how I could dress him, especially if he is on the wrong side of the fashion law.
I am attracted to guys who dress in a certain way, anyway,what i will like to find out is what we women like to see men wear and in vice versa, what men like to see women wear.
I think it will be a lot of fun! so email me at Leave your name and your picture can be attached. Your responses will be posted on the blog in a few weeks time. I am really excited!
Anyway, that is all folks! and remember to always keep your fashionfreak on!
Yours' Stylishly,



Tiger Tem said...

Spread the Tiger Tem love! Thanks!

naijafashionfreak said...

It is my pleasure....

tadef said...

wait a minute! u get us all excited bout Juice then don't give us any info on it?? tut tut!
phone number? address?
what about the Deola Sagoe shop on Ajose Adeogun looks amazing right?

What are your thoughts on the new men's collection?

Love the site otherwise and am sooo excited bout Pricillas day spa, gonna go asap!