Monday, December 10, 2007


Hey everyone! I do hope you have started shopping for Christmas and are buying the gifts I mentioned! I decided to change my text colour from pink to green not just because it is Christmas season but, also because i am 'naijafashionfreak' and what best way to express my love for my country, its people and our wonderful rich culture by painting my world green!

I received a comment for the last post from a guy and he wanted to know if I had any fashion advice for guys. At first when I read it, I was like 'can't he see this a WOMEN ONLY FASHION blog'. However, I read my mission statement, and it says keeping NIGERIANS not WOMEN uptodate with the latest fashion my bad! And my apologies to all the men out there. I have decided to include men and have a 'MAN DAY' on a regular basis, but not as regular as a woman day, maybe i shouldn't have used the the word regular! WHATEVER!

It is wedding season and you know how much I love this season! This particular post 'wedding glamour OR wedding humor?' speaks for itself! I am not going to give my verdict rather I will have you decide which category you feel each individual falls into. Take into consideration;

1) The fit of the dress and how well it complements her figure.
2) The fashion underneath the garments.
3) The accessories.
4)and finally, my style rules on what one should wear to a wedding.

a) The lady in red!

b) Glitter me !

c) 'birds of the same feather flock togther 'hmmnn..maybe not!

d) 'Catwoman' is the name!

e) Baby me!

f) It is Destinys' child in the house!

g) My name Bidemi and I love

h) It is wine for me!

i) monochrome..hmnnn???


They are both wearing the same material, but who do you think wore this fabric better, in terms of design, fit and overall outlook???????

That's all folks... you can always contact me on I am working on my very first man day...can't wait to read your comments... Thanks to for the photos. Have a fab week....and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!

Yours' Stylishly,


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Miss Clanny said...

Hey just wanted to say loving your blog and keep da good work. I just stomped on it by chance.
Hope to be getting more Christmas pics.
On who ran it better- I would say LADY A ............the design compliments her slim figure. The Dark brown on the material brings the fabric out more and then finished with gold accessories makes it look more complete.
Lady B is not bad but the gold on the fabric does not do it justice and accessories with gold just makes it too dull.