Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Hey everyone, this year I promised we (my body, soul and spirit) that we will not just write resolutions but ensure we put it into action. So here I am, being all wonder woman and shit!!!...I’ve got the POWER!!!!!...lol….

This Christmas, I got the chance to spend a lot of time with my BFF. She is the best I tell you! Our conversations usually transcend to various topics, from politics, to religion, community, relationships and of course fashion! We discuss trends, designers, the style of individuals, fashion magazines...in general we play the role as fashion critics. Anyway, after going through tones of photos...we just had to ask ourselves this question; ‘what is up with Nigerian women and pointed heels?’

It feels so good to have let that out of my chest!! Aargghhh…actually felt it oozing out with anger!!! Nigerian women wear pointed heels with everything and anything! I can understand the older generation of fashionistas (they think!) love for it…like the Daisy Danjumas’, Grace Egbagbes’….yeah... Sort of, but the younger…it aint happening baby! I just can’t seem to comprehend their obsession with the shoes!

I was looking at the most recent Thisday style magazine, and saw Bigbrother Africa semi-finalist, Ofunneka. She was looking fabulous in a black shimmer full length dress with a waist belt detail which spiced it up a notch! I was impressed, and then oh, no, she wore pointed heels!

Ok! Enough is enough with this pointed heels fad...No! No! No! No way… (Think Jennifer Hudson in Dream Girls)…lol…
Don’t get me wrong, I have a few of them in my closet and I like that it can stand for diverse looks; fierce! Elegant, chic…it goes on, however, there are a few things you must consider before you choose to wear them, and because I am such a darling, I will let you in on the secret behind those hazel eyes…lol…you know what I meant to say!

To wear pointed heels and pull them off perfectly, you must realise that it is all about the outfit the shoes will ultimately complement and be the finishing touch. If you are not going ‘rocker chic’ with your look, go for:

1) Structure in outfit
2) A defined cut
3) Simplicity
4) Clean lines

Run away from:

1) Prints and anything busy
2) Full length gowns…can only be permitted for brides. I guess…
3) Anything above the knee, can be pardoned for some but not if you have thick thighs.

That’s all folks, hope you had a very enlightening read, and if you are one of those ‘pointed heels people’ hope you have been changed, not changed, revolutionised…yeah… that sounds fiercer. Need fashion advice, it is naijafashionfreak@gmail.com see you
when I see you and remember to always keep your fashionfreak on!

Yours' Stylishly,



Doja said...

Hi, just wanted to say I stumbled on your blog and I like it so I am adding your blog to my 'blogs to visit' list.

naijafashionfreak said...

I am very glad you like it..and thanks for the free publicity.