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I have been MIA for a while now. Christmas really took over me physically, spiritually and mentally…In all ways possible I tell you. I took a trip across the Niger. In other words, was in my village for a while, I really did enjoy the peace and serenity while it lasted. Also I must admit, I was kind of distracted by all the fun when I got back, I decided I needed a break. This year, I am certain will bring a lot of challenges so I better be prepared for it…. And to prepare and devise a plan, you need to take a break, and a break is exactly what I took….anyway, hope the Christmas was fab for you and before I forget to utter these particular words, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

This Is my first ever man day post; I am really elated, but to be totally honest, it was a bit of a challenge, I guess that is what being out of your comfort zone does to one, it makes you nervous! So here I go; I had a lot of ideas on what my first man day post should be about, but this seemed the most appropriate, it had that certain spark, you know! When you are so sure of yourself and all of a sudden, the materials you need just come there and then; sort of in a blink of an eye.

I can be a bit of a dreamer, in my dreams I am free from the problems of the world and only indulge in the pleasures. In my perfect world, I have my own Mcdreamy who is sort of a price charming coming to my rescue and asking me to let down my long hair down so he can deliver me from evil…I am not crazy….lol….just because we are grown and sexy that doesn’t exclude us from indulging in childish fantasies..Right??? ..well i think so, if you don't!!! His look is similar to Commons, moves like JT and works it with bold colours and patterns when it comes to his fashion. So when I was thinking about this particular post, I thought of how my imaginary Mcdreamy manages to pull off being brave with his fashion choices and still look fab and so damn attractive! ‘Stictly for the brave: How best can a man pull off bold colours, bold patterns; is a style manual for the man who dares to be different, it is for a real MAN! Yes! You heard right!!!! Enjoy!

Men I believe, like women are free to wear whatever colour they choose as far as it compliments their complexion, and for this belief of mine, I must commend the style fabulous Julis Agwu
because he is my type of man, the man who knows how to work the colours so damn well!!! However, I do realize that not everyone can be so daring like my brother, Julius, even if you have an interest in wearing bold colours and patterns that is why this post is your ticket to learning the tricks behind MEN AND COLOURS ; MEN AND PATTERNS.

Men can colour us blind with their:

BELTS: One accessory women and men have in common is the belt. It can be used as a tool for a man to show off his BRAVE side. It is particularly advisable for a man who doesn’t want to go all out with the colours or patterns. A colourful belt can spice up any outfit leaving a subtle sense of ones bold personality. There are certain occasions that it may be inappropriate for one to wear too many colours or ceratin patterns due to the formality of the occasion. In situations like this, a belt will be of great service especially if you still intend to stay true to the bold man in you! For men who aren’t afraid to colour us blind, the belt acts as the key accessory, complementing or contrasting the combination of colours worn in an outfit to create the perfect balance to equate the words ‘super fabulous’

SWEATERS/CARDIGANS/HOODIES: Popular culture is known to influence the fashion industry and its market demand for certain clothing items. The sweater had always been associated with preppy, but that has changed thanks to you know who…or you know them!!!! Anyway…. With sweaters/cardigans/hoodies one can afford to go bold with the choice of colours and patterns…simply because it enhances the general look and gives the wearer immediate attention!!!!!!!

SHIRTS: Some people may not be totally convinced with the idea of wearing colour in their trousers. So if you fall under that category shirts are your key items of clothing which you can utilize to colour us blind. With the coming of age of the polo shirts men have actually given room to wear certain colours, like pink, orange and yellow. I have to commend them for their courage in taking a leap of faith! However, I want more, ‘gimme gimme more’. I want to see men combine different bold and glittering bright colours in their outfits through the use of a collar or tee shirt. In other to pull off this colour extravaganza I advice you to adopt one of these peoples styles but, do not hesitate to add your own unique twist to each style.

THE BLAZER: : The blazer is a structured and versatile piece of fabric. These two elements make the blazer a common piece of clothing which most men have in their closets. A bold coloured or patterned blazer can spice up an outfit, especially if the colour combination and pattern mix is well coordinated to strike a balance. In other words, when choosing to wear either a bold coloured blazer or a patterned one, avoid colour and pattern in shirts and trousers. Wearing too many bold colours and patterns at a time can be an over-kill and send the fashion police sirens blowing in your direction! Take note!

TROUSERS: Black, coffee-brown, navy-blue, khakis…are the most patronized colours of men trousers. It is very rare that men colour us blind with their trousers and I wonder why???? I know that seeing a guy in a red pair of trousers can be a little bit scary…lol….However, on a personal note, I believe limiting the colours or patterns you choose to wear, is limiting the art of expressing your individualism because they identify with personalities. Therefore, I think it is about that time that men stop playing safe with the colours of their trousers and start taking some risk. I have always admired a guy who isn’t afraid of tartan or plaid. Although, the look usually targeted with these fabrics is the ‘tres prim ati proper –golfer’ (that sounds fun right??) however, other looks can be developed depending how the fabric is complemented. Also, I will encourage men to go wear more of white although I know it gets stained easily, but choose the perfect location or event to wear then to. In addition, men should 'go grey’. Although grey suits are pretty traditional, I think that in comparison to black suits they are bolder and make a bigger fashion statement, think Kanye West!

OK! that's all folks....Hope You had a nice read, and have been enlightened....i really do!!!!..anyway, if you can remeber, I put together a survey on how guys like to see women dressed and vice versa, I got feedback from a few people, so here are their comments:

Adebimpe Adewusi
I like to see a guy that is well groomed! neat and clean shave, clothes, teeth, nails tell a lot about a guy's character,his shoes and wrist watch is also important , a guy who wears what suits him is always very attractive there's nothing worse than a fair guy wearing a bright green shirt! yuk (i have a friend like that) and also a man who is not afarid to show his own style (not over tha top!) and looks comfortable in it! –

Ifeanyi Ijekeye
I dont really care wat the guy is wearing,corporate,casual or native as log as the cloth suits him and he has a nice carriage and is presentable and confident, the rest is toast!

Ibukunoluwa Amusan
I love a woman in a combination of red and black with red heels to match. ouch!

In addition, I have decided to start up a regular article; It is going to be called:


I was at the purefoto website checking out a few pics like i do on a regular basis, and BAM! I saw this picture, and thought to myself 'OH, NO WHAT A MESS! so thanks Ashionye, you just gave me an idea! Ok! Ashionye looks terrible in this picture, did I say terrible, no i mean horrendous! What was she thinking! The weave has C-H-E-AP!!! written all over it, infact the whole look.. her toes peeping out of the shoes..Scary!!!!!!!!!..Everything is all wrong.... the colour of the jeans is so unsuitable for the black top, which doesn't flatter her figure in anyway what so ever..and the bag.....oh,no...what a mess!..i am done here!!!!!

By the way, one of my resolutions for this year apart from putting a stop to my terrible habit of bitting my nails (I have now come to the realisation that I can't be a natural nail bitter anymore),We(my mind, body, soul and spirit) have come to the decision that I will be blogging as often as possible, daily...mayb...but, more often than weekly..and no more breaks.....hurray!!!!!!!!!!..have a fab time..till we meet again....lol....and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!

Yours' Stylishly,


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i gues sthe mighty cross was to scare off the vampires, it definitely puts me off! *wink*

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