Wednesday, March 12, 2008

PARTY LIKE A STYLE STAR: The ‘rock chick’ party look!!!

Hey Everyone!!! Hope you had a fab weekend, didn’t know how to make anything out of mine…it was just there, no spark, no nothing...two or is it three days of nothing to tell a tale about…hmmnnn…anyway, there is an element I have been dying to add to this blog, and I am happy that it will be coming on sooner than I expected…would love to gush about it, because I am extremely excited...but there is nothing better than a surprise…so I say to you, my fashion fabulous readers…read on!

Ok! Back to the party like a style star series…..Today is all about the ‘rock chick’. To achieve anything in life, big or small, you need to make an effort…Most people who are dressed rather distastefully make no effort at all when it comes to their look, although I know looks can be deceiving so they can’t help but be a ‘hot mess’.. Lol…once in a while but…that is their own wahala….another day…another post…

The whole idea behind the ‘rock chick’ look is to eliminate the effort factor of a look to judging eyes….In other words, It is sexily nonchalant…looking cool as if you didn’t even make any effort at all. Even if you spent hours thinking of how to match the pieces together, no one’s has got to know, the trick my dears is to fake it with fashion!

It is all about the laid –back attitude with this look, and it is most suitable for ladies with a fiery edge and a restless rocker spirit! The great thing about this look is that you can afford to play with your make-up…you could do a modern line (to know how to, refer back to my post on the 12 fashionable gifts for Christmas) and glam up your look with smoky kohl eyes and dark nail polish.


With this look there is no right or wrong way to wear a particular clothing item…wait a minute… what I mean by this is that you can afford to break some rules; for instance, a dress with a plunging neck line can be reversed and worn backwards…to give a bare back…so get creative yall...that scarf that has been lying around in your closet could serve you a fashionable ticket to your next night out with the girls!

That’s all folks; the rest from the ‘party like a style star’ series will come….so check on me regularly. Have a fashion fabulous rest of the week…need advice it is
See you when I see you and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!

Yours’ Stylishly,



Honeywell said...

I WANT THOSE SHOES!! Ok, lemme not lie, i want everything on the page.... :) finally, someone who loves fashion!

didi said...

me loves the rock chic look mos def.. rihanna definitely pulls it off well... plus i really love the cool tees....loving the blog once a again

Anonymous said...

Gosh,u got a great site.Almost went ga ga with those great outfit,felt like them all off my pc.