Wednesday, March 5, 2008

PARTY LIKE A STYLE STAR: The ‘Slick chic’ party look!!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend…took time out to rest your arching feet and I hope the week is going all well and dandy! This week, I decided to dedicate it to ME, yes! My fashion fabulous self (I wish!) …lol…So I am indulging in myself and what better way to do so than to Shop! Shop! Shop! I have my eye on a particular bag, spotted it yesterday, dreamt of it, and I have to get it by any means possible before the week runs out. In addition, I decided to nurture my love for all things vintage and bought this 60’s inspired sunglasses. Yes! I did...and it was pretty cheap! Anyway, away from me and on to the topic of the day!
I love to party… everybody does...make love...listen to the music…blah blah blah…just remembered that song in this instant…anyway, the ‘Party like a style star’ series is all about various party looks; I love to go to a party and be amazed with the display of the different looks people create for the occasion rather than seeing every one dressed alike….so here is how you can adopt the ‘slick chic’ look. Enjoy!

There is no one look synonymous to the word ‘sexy’. In the words of naijafashionfreak ‘Sexy comes in different shapes, sizes and looks’. A tuxedo offers a different way to be sexy without the need to show your skin. One great advantage that comes with being a proud owner of a tux is in it being a versatile piece of clothing. It can be worn to a variety of nights out and parties; pair it up with black jeans, it can be worn to a casual get together, with a pair of cotton-mix trousers and it can be worn to a black tie event.

The tuxedo is the clothing item which defines the ‘slick chic’ look. This look opts for tailoring and cleanness, no fuss and certainly no frills! It is well suited for ladies who want to enhance their femininity in a very subtly and alluring manner, one that isn’t too obvious.

One has to be careful, not to over-do the look. When this look is on the catwalk, the bow is usually around the collar of the shirt; however, I will advice that you ditch this as this may not really translate well outside runway shows, so instead wear a Dicky bow on your bag or in your hair!

That’s all folks; the rest from the ‘party like a style star’ series will come….so check on me regularly, thanks to all my readers, you make me tick! You can’t imagine! Have a fabulous rest of the week…need advice it is
See you when I see you and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!
Yours' Stylishly,


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I really want some sunglasses too!!! Some huge ass Marc Jacobs or some Nicole Richie's...I dont think my bank account agrees with me though..hehehe. I want one of those oversized bags to!! and a nice clutch. Ahhhhhhhh if wishes were horses they say.......

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