Saturday, May 24, 2008


Hey ya! How did your week go? And I hope you all are in serious ‘fashion fab’ mode this weekend! It is less talk with me today, so I will go straight to it!

Getting ready for an evening outing and are clueless on the direction to go this season? Well here’s the map to guide you! ENJOY!!!

1) THE COLOUR BLOCK DRESS: The LBD hasn’t lost its charm for an evening occasion, but,this season if you are ready to steal more than a glance from the eyes of admirers, a bold colour is the way to go!

2) GRECIAN: Want to feel like an ancient Greek goddess, all powerful and flawlessly beautiful...then get draped in Grecian style evening dresses!

3) SOFT FLOATY MATERIAL: Fabric trends this season reveal silky satins, lace, bead fringe, cutwork and semi-sheer fabric that are set against transparent wisps of materials that float and mesmerize!

4) EMBROIDERY/ EMBELLISHMENTS: Glam yourself up for an evening occasion with an embroidered or embellished dress. They give a hint of vintage and an aura of class!

5) RUFFLES: Nothing can be more feminine and romantic than ruffles. With tiered ruffles, you’ll always look…very sultry, very chic!

All dresses featured can be purchased at


* p.s: yellow!!!..emnn..makes her look a bit too CHEAP for me...and for the record, that is officially the ugliest bag I have seen in a long while!!!


That's all folks, keep the weekend spirit alive! I know this is late, but congratulations DAVID COOK!! See you when I see you and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!

Yours' Stylishly,



Natalie said...

What a selection!! AWESOME!! I recently got a gorgeous dress from Nordstrom...

ray's said...

whatttttttttt??? r u kidding me the red alert part i dont like very much..what were they thinking?? anyhoo some o' them looked nice no doubt but some o' thme just ** u kno what***

the grecian dresssesss uuuhhhh i extra likeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i agree with u on colour blocking beautiful.. think nice silk emerald green dres with some mad emerald or close to emerald green shoes from nine west.. nice innit..

nice post hun!!!

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

ehn pretty dresses but the prices odikwa risky...i'll till i start making six figures

Uber Fabulous Nigerian Girl said...

lola and nike...i see you baby!!! hehe..