Saturday, May 17, 2008


Hey Everyone, I tell you something, it is good to be back in action! Damn you….my server! So full of shit!…It took me ages to upload these photos, but I am glad I was resilient enough to have them up! Ha! Not being able to blog was hellish! Hiss…all this yeye Internet servers…they start up really good, and then it all goes down the hill...that’s how it is with most Nigerian business…see bobby’s signature Surulere…yes! Mr Bobby do something about the salon…renovation please!!!..ha!!…am feed up..kk….

How was your fashion forward life without me? Well…here's something to get you excited!Due to me teaming up with there will be field research involved on my part as part of the team . I will be on the prowl for fashion offenders, and fashion lovers! So people are you ready?, you better get your fashion freak on 24/7, because you never know where I might be! Hahahaha! lol

Hey! I always wanted to do something on Campus fashion and which other university would I go to….hmmnnn….let me think….The University of Lagos! I decided to bring Unilag fashion to you all through the eyes of a researcher…The Thing is you hear a lot, you see a little…but then, you now know…the real truth… you be the judge...ENJOY!!!

*Titi’s * fashion review:

When I was assigned by Miss NFF to do a campus fashion review on Unilag, I was out of my skin excited. I thought it would be very insightful. I remember the talks, the gist about their dressing; mini-skirt wearing, high-heels clicking, gum chewing, hair twisting and eye rolling personas and couldn’t wait to see it for myself, gosh! Was I shocked!

It took me ages to figure out what to wear. I knew how I wanted to look; obviously fashionable, wanted to create some attention of my own with my look before I did with my recorder and camera. So I opted to go for a bright multi-coloured print blouse, black skinny jeans, a red leather big bag, huge shades and my bronze metallic sandals.

I had a few friends in Unilag, so I called them up days before to brief them on my mission and was counting on them to lead me, I knew no one, but with them I knew quite a lot. As the sole of my feet landed on the solid grounds of the Unilag campus, with my hands placed firmly on my hips, chest out, I took a deep breath and a quick glance….hmmnn…nothing extraordinary! Yes, I was in for a real shock…let me rephrase…a revelation!

The sun was blazing hot, and as one of my friend commented, the ozone layer is eminently non-existent on the skies surrounding the Unilag campus. Wondering how I would survive under such heat considering I had a whole lot of walking to do, getting a cold drink down my spine was the first agenda of the day!

As we (my friends and I) sat down at the shawama spot near The Queen Amina hostel, eating, drinking and generally chatting, beside us was a car which in that very instant had turned to a clothing store as bags of nylons were filled with clothes in the latest fashion…my friend was able to get her hands on a high-waist stretch denim three-quarters…lucky she!

With a zest for life, and enthusiasm I got down to business….I have to admit, people were a bit!, not a bit, they were etremely hesitant! They all felt they weren’t properly dressed….like duh!!..that's the whole point, come when unexpected! Some turned me to their camera woman…making me take their photo repeatedly until they thought I had the best shot….

I had taken a few photos, but nothing dramatic, my hopes to get a juicy report on scandalous dressing and fashion disasters was demeaning and I needed to know why!

‘They don’t allow us to wear tank tops, it is an offence to wear tank tops, and a female teacher will actually embarrass you, send you out of her class or give you public disgrace. Tubes, spag starps, tank tops, anything off, you have to at least cover the top, maybe and cap sleeve will do’

This response from my friend was all I needed, although the rules are a little extreme, but I understood. The rules may be a bit too restrictive but one thing it taught the girls on the campus was that being fashionable also means being able to dress suitably to an occasion; something which they had neglected; although, everyone seemed to be wearing the same thing, but as I strolled around the campus taking pictures I only discovered a more fashion conscious students strutting the everyday chic look to the fullest!


The shades

The big bag

Skinny jeans

The long necklaces

Tee shirts/vests

and for the last bit....everyone was on flats!!!

That’s all folks;Can’t wait to dish out all the fashion tips I have in store for you my fashion fabulous readers. See you when I see you and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!

Yours’ Stylishly,



shop liquorice said...

oooooh, LOVE this! my friends and i have def thought about documenting nigeria's street/college style so this has us verrrry excited indeed.

i've heard too many things about Lag's style to take this as a representative sample. everyone couldn't have been exaggerating, lol. yes, they look nice...but their outfits are very staple and standard and i don't really see anything in the innovation or a personal stamp. maybe all the fashionistas took the day off, lol.

thanks for bringing this to us :)


didi said...

got to love the lag babes.. i must admit the dressing is now a bit more demure and toned down but definitely more approppriate for uni life.. keep up the good work.. and dont delay the post soo long again..

shop liquorice said...

*in the way of innovation...

sorry. i'm anal, lol.

damilola said...

Gosh this is tight.You got a great blog.I must confess,i seceretly come to get one or two tips but i just had to commend your work,u're the best.thanks for bringing all this to us.

FashionCritic said...

Emm, I think you need better fashion lingo in your write ups, especially your intern. (Edit her work maybe?) E.g. Big bag= Tote. And just other alternative language that shows some style experience.

Otherwise, I love that you've brought the fashion cams to Unilag. That's just awesome!

naijafashionfreak said...

@ fashion critic..advise taken.thnks for all the comments....X

Hair Azara said...

I did not know that UniLAG was styling like dat!! def. love what ur doing with ur blog!!