Friday, June 13, 2008


Hey ya! I picked up my tempo a bit this week. I am getting into my game slowly but surely. It is all good. This week, I made long-term plans, life-altering decisions, I got a chance to develop new relationships and witness previous ones grow. Although a bit too serious for my liking, but, In general, I can proudly say that I had a pretty fulfilling week and I hope it was the same for you all.
Now on to the business of the day, FASHION:

When starting up a new wardrobe; you begin with acquiring wardrobe staples; and the white shirt is definitely one of them; its ability to be transformed to suit different looks is what makes it top priority when picking out clothing items to fill up a closet.

This post shows you 5 ways in which you can ‘serve up’ the white shirt on a morning of immense paperwork , a sunny afternoon at the beach, an evening of cocktail glamour, a night out on the town and day with the girls. ENJOY!

‘Serve Up’ the white shirt for a CASUAL DAY: There is one clothing item that can alter any look to a casual one once you put them on; that clothing item is none other than a pair of jeans. Want to imbibe your much loved white shirt on a casual day, pair it up with jeans, and if you’re not a fan of jeans; cargo pants, linen pants (in full or three-quarter lengths) or shorts are an equally effective replacement!

‘Serve Up’ the white shirt on a NIGHT OUT: A night out should have you hitting up clubs, parties, and the likes. For this I say, juxtapose the seriousness of the white shirt with a colourful bottom and ‘attitude speaking’ accessories; the now-so-in coloured skinny jeans and heeled gladiator sandals will come in handy!

‘Serve Up’ the white shirt at WORK: The white shirt was made for the office. I know Brandy says or said (because the song is quite old) ‘Never say never’, but considering what am about to say, she is wrong! You can never; I repeat NEVERRRRR (conscious stress on the letter ‘R’) go wrong with a crisp white shirt on a day at the office!

Christain Louboutin open toe pumps £335

‘Serve Up’ the white shirt on the BEACH: While we may like to flaunt our elegant belted one piece swimsuits, our sexy cut-out ones or the retro shaped ones with high waist bands, belt details and wide shoulder straps (this is a current swimsuit trend btw), It is good to have a cover-up on the beach and instead of the usually sundresses and tunics opt for a white shirt, better still, a male white shirt!

White top £100
Pink bikini £100

‘Serve Up’ the white shirt for a COCKTAIL PARTY: The cocktail party is a formal event. The formal look which best embraces the white shirt is the ‘the slick chic’ party look which I treated earlier as a part of a series. For such an occasion pair the white shirt with a tuxedo jacket. A tie or bow may be of great use. For more insight on the look, you can refer to my post on it.

MCQ wool blend tuxedo blazer £335

Philip Lim straight leg pants £240

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That’s all folks. Have a wonderful weekend. Need to get in contact with me, email me at or See you when I see you and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!

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ive recently fallen in love with white ANY and EVERYthing.. love this post.. especially that multicoloured clutch.. WANT IT! fantastic writeup