Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hey ya everyone, How you all doing? Had a fun weekend, and this week is looking up! So...very good for me!hehe!

Neways...anyone notice 9ice upgraded look at the Thisday Music/fashion festival? hmmnnn...I have so much love for 9ice, and I have never seen 9ice look so nice...lol...pun...''play on words'. However, his look was rather suspect o! It was all too familiar! been there done that!

It seemed to me, he came dressed as d'bang...don't know how true this is, correct me if am wrong, but I heard he was dressed by d'bangs' stylist.

If true, the stylist did 9ice strong thing o!(gettin my naija ghetto on) lol... As a stylist, you shouldn't dress your two clients alike, especially when they are in the same entertainment industry. They should each be given they're own distinctive style.

Someone looking at these two photos, will think it's the same person. Given my own opinion, will like to hear yours...

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See you when I see you, and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!

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Daphne said...

you're so right! they look so much alike, when i saw d pix on 9nice on stage i tot u mistakenly put up d-banj's pix! the stylist has to work more to bring out their personalities through the clothes instead of trying to dress them up alike... like twins... lol!

Miss Moss said...

u said it lady! Upon first look at the pic, I actaull thot it was D'banj until I read the post. I LOVE 9ice but he's looking like a D'banj wanna be impersonator....not a good look


Yes you are so right! As a personal stylist it's imperative to give each client their own personal image that makes them immediately identifiable. So he looks good but incredibly similar to D'banj.

misidreads said...

Great job, thanks for keeping us abreast. Love your blog like crazy....

I must first admit that he looks alot more nicer, but i think the stylist should work more with their personality so as to portray their true self ...

Tiger Tem said...

Too true! Great post as always.