Wednesday, July 23, 2008


There is something that comes with being a proud owner of a designer 'IT' bag... knowing your not just carrying a carefully crafted creation, but, one that stands out from the beautiful lot!

Naija women have a candid love for designer 'IT' bags... Just flip through the pages of thisdaystyle, fashion and style, the likes... and it'll be confirmed!

From the Fendi B to the Fendi Spy to the Marc by marc Jacobs stam, We always show these 'IT' bags some love.

The Chloe Paddington was a fave amongst the fashionistas, now here's another Chloe for you all to feast your eyes on. I present to you, CYNDI!!!!!!!!

I have a love affair with Chloe and I have to admit to being a a big fan of CYNDI! This bag retails for $2,200. Purchase at

That's all folks. Have a fab rest of the week. You can always contact me at: or See you when I see you, and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!

Yours' Stylishly,


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