Saturday, February 9, 2008


hey everyone!, I received an email a few weeks ago from a lady, who had various concerns . The email was quite lenghty so I decided to shorten it. These were her major concerns:

-What is fashion?
-Who determines what goes with what?
-What makes me a better jugde?
-Who says an outfit is right or wrong?
-How she can look trendy wearing a muslim cap and being a size 12-14 full figured woman( hippy, bursty and a bit of tummy) with curves in all the right places! Plus she had issues concerning her weight.

So here is my reply to her. I decided to post it inorder to help people in similar situations.


Sorry for the dealy in reply, I have been quite busy. Anyway, I have to say I was delighted when I received your email mainly because of your keen interest in the crazy yet glamorous world of fashion!

Fashion, I believe , is a tool used to express ones individualism. To do this you make use of the fashion utensils, which are ultimately clothing, accessories, shoes, make-up….etc. There are underlying fashion rules that one should take into account when expressing themselves, for instance, rules suggesting; the best colours for certain complexions, what best complements a certain figure and what is an absolute no no for certain figures; however, when it comes to fashion there are no specific rules as to what should go with what as people differ in their opinions about certain looks and how they should be pulled off.

Answering your question on who says what is right or wrong, you should understand that everyone has a right to their own opinion on fashion and what they perceive as a right or wrong look. And because of this, In actual sense, there is no right or wrong look. Although individuals in the fashion industry like fashion journalists, are in a better position to give judgement on what they think is right or wrong based on their experience and the fact that they are indeed more knowledgeable, however opinions and judgements still differ amongst these people!

I won’t say that I am a better judge.I only express what I think are valid opinions on my blog beacuse I believe I have an in-depth knowledge of fashion beyond the average individual and I use my blog as a means to inform the Nigerian woman on what I know. My views are open to criticism.

Concerning issues with your weight, I will advise that you exercise and diet.There are a lot of diet plans out there, do some research on these diet plans, pick one out and follow it strictly. However, your size or you wearing a muslim cap doesn’t limit you from being fashionable. The average woman is a size 12-14, and from your description you are an african woman with curves!!!

accentaute your waist-line by going for wrap dresses and tops, empire waist lines; As you can see in the photos below, Jennifer Hudson, is a full figured woman, and she always opts for the empire waist.

If you want to conceal some tummy, go for tunics, kaftans and smock dresses and run away from tight fitted clothes!

Go for boot-cut or flared jeans because they will elonagte you and play down on your hips and run away from three- quarter length trousers, they will emphasize your hips, however, if you do choose to wear them, pair them up with heels and a long top.

Have any additional advise for this lady? please leave your comments. If you have any questions, you know naijafashionfreak has all the anwers; send me an email. It is … That’s all folks, see you when I see you and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!

Yours’ Sylishly,



didi said...

hey, , i am replying in response to your post for the woman. i too i am a plus size woman myself , a size 16 , i know how you feel and how you find it hard to get clothes that fit you. At least i used to , i used to hate my body size and wished i could be a 2 and wear cute minis and follow the latest trends easily without having to starve but i have come to realise that unless you begin to appreciate yourself and work with what you've got you are never going to be happy..

By all means if you want to lose a bit of weight, to be trimmer do it, not only will you look and feel good , overall the health benefits will be amazing, but make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Stlye as they say is eternal, and you should aim to find the style or look that works for you no matter your body shape, go round shops look at different and see wat fits your body type, you can even try things you never taught of .. once you find wat you like, works for you and makes you say wow!!.. STICK WITH IT!!,.. that is the first rule of fashion why do you think ana wintour is always in a bob or jackie kennedy onassis always wore shades( graet style icon by the way) because they are women who understand that style is all about personal expression and finding wat works for you!!. Since you area curvy woman you shouldn't find any problem finding wat to wear as i always say curves go with well-tailored clothes and basic colours always go well with curvy women..ask beyonce.. equal deep and rich colours.. pls STAY AWAY FROM THINGS TOO LOOSE ultimate rule for the plus size woman as they WILL make you look bigger!!! trust me ..above all just work it.. confidence goes a long way in a womans' appeal may help ..but is the way you wear the clothes that counts and lastly i cant say it enough.. SPANX....or GIRDLE!!!.invest ina good one .. everyone does even does skinny jessica alba them on t.v wear

Ladi said...

you've given her great advice already. its kul to know that anyone can be fashionable, decent/conservative an great!

I've added your blog to my page!