Friday, February 29, 2008


Hey! I haven’t blogged all week…yes I know! Been pretty pre-occupied. So I am going to bombard you with more than just one article.

First and foremost, I will like to use this medium to inform you all that the new issue of confidence magazine is out. The magazine is very multi-cultural; it features columnists from around the globe and articles about various fashion industries, including the Nigerian…yes! You can go check it out at

Anyway, I said I was going to do a man day and am not going to talk about Fashion…I am not in the mood, to be sincere I was a bit de-motivated when I read an article which said that men do not dress for fashion, they dress to belong, for comfort and for life (although I am certain that there are exemptions) …..So, I said to myself…ok! No fashion…just post an article on how men can improve their relationships with their partners… I know???...right???, but I will do a fashion article which will focus on what to look for when going for a casual suit, a formal suit…etc.

Ok! guys ….there is nothing a girl likes more than a spontaneous gift. It should be the premiere weapon in your armour against the vagaries of that absurd, random, unknown quantity-the female mind! Want your girlfriend to be putty in your arms then read on……………….

When she is feeling ugly a facial at Beauty Concerns
When she’s really unimpressed with you some very expensive silk lingerie
When she has got nothing to wear….anything...anything….from Deola Sagoes’ prêt a porter collection.
When you have been boring lately…a pair of tickets to watch a chick-flick movie she has been dying to see
When things have been boring lately….A weekend at La campagne Tropicana
When you feel like indulging her baser girlie instincts…throw pillows from Jewel by Lisa home store
When you’ve been neglecting her... Afternoon tea with champagne at the poshest hotel in town.
When it’s her birthday... a homemade wittily annotated album of the last year’s photographs
When the urban life gets her down…. A weekend at Obudu cattle ranch
When you just really love her Rocks (the big sparkly ones, the biggest you can afford)
When you’ve got no reason at all Cupcakes from her favourite pastry shop

And now back to fashion…..One of the notable fashion weeks which we all look forward to is the Milan fashion week. A lot of great designers hail from Italy and Italians are known to be very fashionable people…so here are hits ladies and gentlemen into getting the essence of Italian style…

1) THE HOURGLASS DRESS- knee-length and belted, but never quite demure

2) NARROW, DARK COLOURED TIE- The perfect complement to a great white shirt

3) FRESHLY LAUNDERED BLUE DENIM JEANS- Mama-(not stone) -washed, and perfectly pressed

4) LEATHER BELT-No belt loop should be left unfilled

5) LOAFERS- Worn with silk socks or bare feet


5) SUNGLASSES- Chunky frame, dark lenses and worn anytime, any place

6) CRISP COTTON SHIRT- Cutaway collar, contoured fit, embroidered monogram and about half a can of Robin…

7) JEWELERY- Crosses, chains and trinkets to personalise every fashion look with a statement of faith!

The strangest thing happened…well, an anonymous reader claims to know my real identity, decided to post her you’ll see for yourself;

‘Yeah yeah..the dress didn't look nice on her.... everyone has their off days...funny thing is that i happen to know this naijafashionfreak and she is about the worse dresser on earth. Where on earth does she get off handing down fashion tips??? lol..this is the joke of the century. errr....fashionfreak b4 ur previous job weren't u a messy mess dresser. Weren't u tushed up by ur generous dear give other people a chance to wake up from their messy mess dressing Slumber. Just the way we gave u a chance. We didn't run u out of Lagos in spite of ur attempts to commit murder on several occasions. Be easy on them.Have a heart...Fashion freak indeed.NaijaFashiondisaster u lol’

Well…I knew some drama was coming sooner or later…me being a fashion police and all…dishing out my outrageous comments…giving out tough….anyway, this is hilarious! All I have to say is…you think you know…but you have no idea!

That’s all folks…. I am working on a party series, which will showcase different looks one can adopt for a party and identify what each look represents and how they can be pulled off….so yes! I have a busy weekend…hope you all have a fashion fabulous weekend…if u need advice…It is
See you when I see you and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!

Yours’ Stylishly,



dee said...

some of the advise is mad suspect o! a facial when i feel ugly? i don't know o. maybe for some people sha, lol. what do i know?!?!?!?! the effort you put into this blog is much appreciated! i tried to start one and failed miserably men.

take care and keep the great posts coming! some of us are reading closely and learning a lot!

Yemisi said...

Good stuff, u never disappoint me i have been waiting for your post all week as usual very informative ,referred my male colleague to your blog and they are grateful.

Please keep them learning lots o.

Anonymous said...

About the comment, don't let dat slow u down. Some people are jealous and will look for ways to pull you down but the choice is urs to make.
As for your blog.I luv it and i've learn some good tips from your post.
keep up the good job gal.
I wish you the very best.

ladi said...

Yeiii! Finally. Thanks for the post.

Lol at the anon comment. "mess mess dresser????"

Omosewa said...

I love your blog, please ignore that person jare.

Im loving the knee length dress, i'll copy that in ankara, and the narrow tie look is cute.

Anxiously awaiting your next

rara said...

The first set of dresses are called Galaxy dresses...