Friday, February 8, 2008

THE FASHION FREAK : You think you know, but you have no idea!!!

Hey! Everyone, how are you all doing???? Hope your week went all well and dandy!!!...and thanks to all who showed me some love, by leaving was really appreciated. I didn’t blog regularly last week on purpose, it was H-I-M’s last week before he left, so I wanted to concentrate all my attention on him...….awwww…Yeah…I know!…whatever!!! Anyway, let’s talk fashion!

I like to test my fashion knowledge, to see if I know as well as I think I do, and to add to what I know. So I decided why not post a quiz! Compiling questions for this quiz was really a fun process, although it got me thinking quite a bit….didn’t want it to be difficult neither did I want it to be a walk over…so I learnt that striking a balance is not that easy after all!!! Enjoy!!!!

1) Most Nigerian Designers studied which course at the university before going into fashion???
a) Business Administration
b) International relations
c) Law

2) Which fashionista takes pride in wearing boots despite the Nigerian Climate???
a) Chalya Shagaya
b) Nike Oshinowo
c) Nkiru Anumudu

3) The female designer whose signature is a plum coloured eye liner is???
a) Lanre da Silva Ajayi
b) BukiDelaZaria
c) Zizi Cardow

4) Whose father couldn’t imagine his daughter ending up as a ‘mere tailor’???
a) Maria Odunsi
b) Deola Sagoe
c) Mabruka Deribe

5) Omotola is wearing a dress by???

a) Tiffany Amber
b) MYA

6) Which designer label has expanded to home interiors???
a) Jewel by Lisa
b) Tae
c) Odion Mimonet

7) Which Nigerian artist wore a pair of ‘black patent leather Dumond shoes’ to the Future Awards?
a) Ashionye
b) Sasha
c) TY Bello

8) Which male designer is particularly known for his wedding gowns???
a) Ade Bakare
b) Frank Oshodi
c) Adebayo Jones

9) Who just emerged the winner of the International Young Fashion Design Entrepreneur Award for Nigeria???
a) Toju-Foyeh
b) Bisola Edun
c) Temi Ogunsanya

10) What look do I advice ladies to go for on a date?
a) Gorgeously chic
b) Hot elegance
c) understated sexy

That’s all folks, if you scored less than half, then you need to go pimp up your fashion knowledge! Others, good for you, do not relent!
I am working on getting the post on the latest shoe trends out during the weekend; it requires a lot of research, so it is all work and no play for me! Need fashion tips? It still is See you when I see you and remember to always keep your fashion freak on!

Yours’ Stylishly,


answers: 1)c 2)b 3)a 4)b 5) b 6)a 7)b 8)c 9)b 10)c


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nice post!i got few questions right

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